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TM Pups

Facts About Tibetan Dogs | Tibetan Mastiff FAQs

Read our article about what to prepare for before you buy a Tibetan Mastiff.
In the article, we point out some of the common myths about Tibetan Dogs  and give you most of the facts about TMs that you need, before you decide if this breed is for you.

Things to Know About T Mastiffs

Almost everyone has heard of this massive and powerful breed just by looking at its name. Big responsibility comes with great strength, and this combination makes for excellent guard dogs.

They are very protective of their family while yet being incredibly self-sufficient. They enjoy spending time with their family indoors. Given their protective instincts, they are gentle and loving, and like a good pet. Despite their loyalty, they are remarkable for never responding to your calls!

These Mastiffs exhibit silver to mahogany markings around their throat, eyes, legs, muzzle, and tail. This breed’s thick double coat might be red, brown, black, blue-gray, or gold. Tibetan dogs have a dense, rough outer coat with a delicate, wool-like inside texture. Shedding happens once a year, from spring through summer, and requires little maintenance during this time.

The little white markings can be found on the feet and chest, but not on the rest of the body. Males have thicker coats and a thicker mane around the shoulders and neck than females. Males weigh 90 to 150 lbs and have a shoulder height of 26 inches while females range in weight from 70 to 120 lbs and have a shoulder height of 24 inches or more. 

What Makes A TM Special?

Tibetan Mastiffs are utilized as powerful and majestic estate guardians that guard the family and home with unwavering loyalty. The following are some fascinating facts about these dogs that make them so special:

  • Although the TM is a large breed, it is also a fast and athletic one. They are thought to be capable of running at speeds of up to 20 mph, but only for short distances.
  • These Mastiffs are large, slow-growing canines. They have a 14-year life span and take longer to mature than other dogs.
  • They have an intriguing background. Data shows that these colossal dogs were frequently given as gifts to early travelers to Tibet and that they became rooted in the Mastiff breeds of the Middle East and Europe.
  • Ti Mastiffs don’t seem to shed much, despite their thick and fluffy coat. In fact, this breed is noted for only having one major shedding period per year.