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TM Pups

Why Be Ehtical When Buying A Tibetan Mastiff? T. Mastiff Ethical Breeding

Ethical buying and breeding of Tibetan dogs

The Reasons Why Ethical Breeding Is Important

Breeding dogs is mostly for the purpose of improving the breed. Ehtical Tibetan Mastiff breeders take into account a variety of aspects in order to produce the healthiest canines possible. Dogs are sometimes bred for the wrong intentions, such as to see a birth, gain money, or have a puppy with a dog. Of course, there is the possibility of unintentional breeding.

Before buying a TM dog, remember that only dogs meeting the breed standard will be bred by ethical dog breeders. The American Kennel Club (AKC) and other reputable breed organizations keep copies of breed standards, maintain records of purebred dogs, and advocate responsible dog ownership. They have minimal control over individual activities, and dog registration does not imply that the dog is of high quality.

To Preserve The TM Breed Standard

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large breed that is a strong, athletic dog with a serious but friendly demeanor. The TM stands tall on its pasterns, with powerful, narrow cat feet and an alert expression. The body is a little longer than the height. The head and tail are the breed’s distinguishing features. The head is big and impressive, with a solid back skull, deep-set almond-shaped eyes that are slightly tilted, and a broad, well-padded nose that gives it a square look.

The britches and tail are heavily feathered, and the tail is carried in a single curl across the back and over the loin, leveling the head. The coat is dense, with rough protective hair and a big fluffy undercoat. 

Health Is Such An Important Factor In Breeding

Even the most attractive purebred canines may not be suitable for breeding. Future generations may be affected by health issues and medical disorders. Ethical breeders will have their canines checked, vaccinated, and kept parasite-free on a regular basis.

Before breeding, they will have their dogs examined by vets and verified to be free of hereditary and viral disorders. A dog’s temperament is vital to assess in addition to its physical condition because behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggressiveness can be passed down through the generations.

Reasons Why Being An Ethical Dog Buyer Is Important

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a purebred dog from an ethical breeder. One reason is that you’ll know if you’re getting a breed that embodies everything you want in a dog, rather than a gorgeous puppy who may grow up to be anything other than what you imagined in terms of temperament, size, appearance, and a variety of other characteristics.

Every dog that ethical breeders produce gets a suitable home, and they maintain track of them once they go to their respective owners. They put a lot of effort into developing healthy, well-adjusted dogs who look like the breed and have the right temperament.

The Bottomline

As discussed in our more in-depth FAQ articles about why be an ethical breeder and buyer of Tibetan Mastiffs, we came to the conclusion that ethical breeding is just one side of the coin. The other side is YOU. Being a potential buyer of a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, you have the responsibility to search for, and buy from, ethical breeders.

Read our article mentioned above to get clarity on exactly what to look for in an ethical TM breeder.