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The World's #1 Vet-Recommended CBD Oil?

Endorsed by Cornell University


  • Anxiety and stress
  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Digestion problems

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World’s 5 Healthiest Dog Treats | Our Top List 2022

Healthiest Dog Treat
VOM organicDogs For EarthRaw PawOrganic Paws Small Batch Pets
Certified organic+99%+95%wild organic+70%-70%
Human Grade Ingredients
Human Grade SupplementsN/AN/AN/A
Human Grade Manufacturing
Meats from Humanely Raised Animal
Disclosure of country of origin
Manual confirmation on above criterias
Ingredient types (1-5 score)55555
Favorable legal regulations
Average customer reviewsUnknownUnknownUnknown
Total rating


1. Degree of Certified Organic (%): 100% certified, 95%, 70%, or <70%. Some consideration is also taken to type of organic certification. For example: Swedish organic (KRAV) > EU organic > USDA organic. 

2. Human Grade Ingredients: All ingredients are human grade. 

3. Human Grade Supplements: All supplements are human grade. 

4. Human Grade Manufacturing: Human food standard manufacturing. 

5. Meats from Humanely Raised Animals: Certification that the meat animals are “humanely raised”. 

6. Disclosure of country of origin of all ingredients and supplements: Letters of confirmation sent and verified. 

7. Manual confirmation on criteria 1-6: Manufacturer manually (email) provided certification on all quality criteria 1-6. 

8. Ingredient types: Are the ingredient types protein based? Are they ideal for dogs and other carnivores? (Example: Hidden sugars and other unhealthy or unnecessary ingredients mean instant disqualification.) 

9. Number of ingredients: Generally, fewer ingredients normally means higher quality. (There are exceptions to this, and I carefully consider those exceptions.)

10. Regulations: Different countries have different legislations, law enforcements, food processing procedures, levels of corruption and lobbying, and organic certification procedures. Consideration is taken to these variables, even though they sometimes lack clear definitions. 

11. Reviews: On-line feedback and reviews from earlier customers (number of reviews and average review score). Checking that the reviews seem authentic. 

12. Other: Vague claims or specifications normally mean instant disqualification from the list. 

Recommendation: Visit Thixton’s Petsumer List for in-depth listings for the US market. She manually quality checks every product. 

Disclaimer: No matter how hard I check facts, mistakes or misinformation may occur. Please do your diligence.