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TM Pups

Winners of the TMINFO Calendar Photo Contest!

The Tibetan Mastiff photo votes were tallied, and finally 25 winners were presented and included in the 2009 TM Info Calendar. The 13 first-place winners are listed below, followed by the 12 second-place winners.

Still to this day, we want to express our heartfelt congratulations to all of the winners that participated, but we especially want to thank all of the TM owners and breeders who took the effort to make this project a success.

T Mastiff Photos We Love

Enjoy an entire year of TM photographic art sent to your doorstep (12 months and a front cover). This is a professionally made calendar with your twenty-five favorite TM selections, created by a real artist. A full-color calendar that measures 11 x 17 inches flat and is ready to hang (folds up to 11 x 8.5). We anticipate that this year’s TM Keepsake will sell out, so order early to avoid disappointment.

T Mastiff pup winners

Calendars will be shipped out at the end of the year, so be sure we have your payment and pre-order information. Individuals who purchase 10 or more calendars will receive a discount. We provide a number of payment methods for your convenience, and you can find all of the pre-order procedures and precise cost details here.


At the same time that we were presenting the 2009 calendar winners, we received word that one of the dogs chosen for the calendar, Ogurr, the second-highest vote-getter, had unfortunately passed away. Ogurr’s owner approached us and asked if we would consider granting Ogurr the honor of being the cover dog. We have given our clearance because the cover winning dog Udaipur (the dog with the most votes) and Ogurr are owned by the same individual and the other winning dogs’ results are unaffected.

The TMBRN/TM Info site volunteers would like to express their heartfelt condolences on the passing of Ogurr Toundra Bohemia Sirague.

Ogurr Cover Winner
Tibetan Dog Photo Contest Winner
TM Contest Winner
TM Winner In Snow

We’re happy to inform you that, thanks to a kind gift from the calendar company, we’ll be providing you with an extra special bonus!

The printers gave us permission to insert 12 smaller accompanying photos in the calendar at no extra charge. This implies there will be a dozen extra photographs on the calendar pages.

Our screening procedure was straightforward. We proceeded on to choose among the next 12 qualifiers that were not previously set to appear in the calendar after setting aside the first 13 contest photos. We regret that we are unable to present additional prizes to this second group of winners at this time, but we would want to express our warmest congratulations. The following photographs will be featured in the 2009 TM Info Calendar.

Large T Mastiff - Black
Large Dog Winners
Giant TM Winner

Should Your TM Photo Be a Winner Instead?

We got such a positive reaction to our first call for photos that we’re going to increase the number of photos you can submit to 5 next time. That means you have a better chance of winning! While we will not accept photographs that have previously won, we would want to encourage you to consider re-submitting any images that were not selected for the calendar this year.

Don’t lose hope! The TM Info volunteers were so encouraged by your participation and the results of the first contest that we couldn’t wait to tell you that the 2nd Annual International Photo Contest will be held in preparation for the 2010 Tibetan Mastiff Keepsake Calendar.

“This has really inspired me to take better photos of my dogs.” – TM Breeder

What a terrific endorsement and a nice way for us all to express our love of Tibetan Mastiffs. We hope that this calendar has inspired you to photograph your TM more often, therefore we’re informing you ahead of time about our next contest. While the popular vote was a great way to debut this year’s calendar options, we’re considering hiring a team of unbiased judges to help us choose winners next year. Keep the calendar in mind when taking a picture of your dog throughout the year, as seasonal images will be given additional consideration.

More details to follow but feel free to check out the new TM Info calendar page in the coming months.