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Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Legal & Are They Banned In USA?

USA Tibetan Mastiff Legality
Tibetan Mastiffs can be athletic and powerful dogs. They can be used as companions and guard dogs, as well as as pets for livestock and property.
They are independent, loyal, and intelligent. They are kind to their family. Tibetan Mastiffs won’t allow strangers into their home. They can pose a danger to small objects.
Public safety has been a major concern in many countries and cities. These dogs can be strong-willed and require training. Owners and their pets must also learn to socialize with other animals and people in order to have a happy and fulfilling life.

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Tibetan Mastiffs Banned In These Countries

The ban or restriction on Tibetan Mastiffs in Malaysia, Australia, France, and the Maldives is effective immediately. These countries may impose bans or lift them at any time. Check for the most current information.
They are territorial and protective dogs that will protect and guard your family and territory. Although most Tibetan Mastiffs are gentle and loving with their family, they can also be distrustful of new people and could be dangerous. Many countries have banned Tibetan Mastiffs.
Tibetan Mastiffs measure 26 inches (66 cm) high. They protect their family and children. Because of their large size, they may accidentally inflict injury on the children who are less fortunate. Although Tibetan Mastiffs are reserved around strangers, they can be aggressive and combative when they feel threatened.
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Why are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned in Certain Countries?

Many countries around the globe have banned imports of dangerous or aggressive breeds of dog. This ban was put in place to prevent accidental dog attacks. Wikipedia has many great places you can look to see where Tibetan Mastiffs may be found or not.

Tibetan Mastiff Banished Countries and Cities

These are the cities and countries that have restricted or banned Tibetan Mastiffs.

France: Since 1999, France has legislated Mastiff type dogs. This includes fighting dog breeds as well as Tibetan Mastiffs. French regulations require that the dogs wear a collar, muzzle, and hard leash. They should also be kept on a tightrope and not allowed to run free.

Germany: German law prohibits or restricts Chinese and Roman fighting dogs. Other dogs have been banned in the country, including the American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as well as English Bull Terrier and English Bull Terrier.

Shanghai: A Chinese city that banned over 20 breeds of dog in 2011. This included the Tibetan Mastiff. This law said that anyone storing these dangerous dogs would be removed. Shanghai and Beijing prohibit the ownership of dogs over 13 inches (35 cm) in height.

Hangzhou: Banned large dog breeds such as Tibetan Mastiffs, German Shepherds and Fila Brasileiro. Hangzhou also prohibits dog owners from walking their dogs during the day. The new rules prohibit dogs from being allowed in public places. Dog owners who allow their dogs to roam unassisted are subject to a 1,000yuan ($148), fine.

Malaysia: Due to their unpredictable temperament and aggressive behavior, the Tibetan Mastiff breed cannot be imported into Malaysia. Malaysia also bans the Canary Mastiff and Brazilian Mastiff as well as the Japanese Mastiff.

Maldives: The Maldives banned the Tibetan Mastiff as well as giant shepherd dogs. The Maldives prohibits the use of dogs as a travel companion. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Maldives’ territorial waters with foreign dogs.

Bermuda: Bermuda residents cannot import, breed or own Tibetan Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, Bullmastiffs, Argentine Mastiffs, English Mastiffs, or Italian Mastiff breeds. These dogs’ offspring with other breeds are not allowed.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs legal in the UK?

Legality of Giant Mastiffs in the USA
Yes, Tibetan Mastiffs can be legally imported into the UK. You will need to spend approximately PS1000 to purchase a Tibetan Mastiff puppy. A Daily Mail report states that there are approximately 300 Tibetan Mastiffs living in the country.
Mastiffs can become bored if they don’t get enough mental stimulation and physical stimulation, and start to bark or show aggression. They enjoy chewing and digging. At the same time, well socialized Tibetan Mastiffs are great family pets, and can do well with children and are a good family dog. However, they can get upset if you shout at children or argue with your partner.

Tibetan Mastiffs need to be kept in a secure area. They can climb fences to escape. Tibetan Mastiff owners should not leave them outside for too long as they might start digging or become aggressive, in case they are not socialized by the owner.

Are Tibetan Dogs Legal in Australia?

Australia is pet-friendly, and more than half of Australian households have pets. Public areas such as parks, beaches, and restaurants are open to dogs. Although Australia has banned certain breeds of dog to protect the public’s health, Tibetan Mastiffs remain legal.

Are T Mastiffs Banned in Canada?

In Canada, there are no bans on aggressive breeds of dogs. Some Canadian provinces ban certain breeds of dog that they consider dangerous, but there are no bans on Tibetan Mastiffs.

Are Mastiffs Legal in the USA?

Due to their large size (rather than potential aggressiveness) a number of American cities have banned Tibetan Mastiffs. All mastiff breeds have been banned in Wapato in Washington, Wisconsin and Abbotsford. 

The bans include:

American Mastiff
Brazilian Mastiff
English Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff
Old English Mastiff
Pyrenean Mastiff
Spanish Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff

Are T Mastiffs Legal in Pennsylvania?

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled in 2021 against the owner of Tibetan Mastiff dog breeds and ordered to register them. The case was brought against three separate breeders who had bred five dogs without a license or registration.

Because the court found that the legal requirement for registration of these dogs was never met, the case was allowed to move forward. Now, other licensed owners of legal breeds of mastiffs may also enjoy the same rights. 

This means that those looking to purchase legal Tibetan mastiffs can now do so legally in Pennsylvania.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Illegal Or Legal in California?

Tibetan Dog In USA

The short answer to this question is that no one knows for sure. In some cases, these dogs may be legal while in other, they can’t be legally sold without a license.

There have been cases in which the California State Board of Equalization and the California Supreme Court have decided against breeders of these mastiffs, but the decision was based on an obscure provision of the law. Now the question is whether or not the state has the power to regulate the sale of these dogs in California under the law as it exists today.

The fact of the matter is that anyone who raises Mastiffs in California may be in violation of both federal and state laws. Although the state has authority to protect the public from the nuisance of breeders of unlicensed dogs, it cannot interfere with the right of any other private citizen to raise or buy dogs.

As long as a Mastiff is licensed by the American Kennel Club and the National Association of Housebreaking and Grooming Dogs, and complies with the necessary licensing requirements, California law should allow the owner to sell his dogs to those who want them. However, if a resident of California knowingly buys a Mastiff from an illegal breeder, he can face fines or even imprisonment.

The problem is that there are hundreds of so-called private “breeder” businesses in California and finding the ones that actually own real and licensed Mastiffs has become something of a predicament for the California Attorney General’s Office. 

If you run across a website that sells Tibetan mastiffs, it might be best to look deeper into the matter before making and final decisions, because the chances are that the dog you’re seeing really isn’t a genuine specimen.

(Please note that this article provides general information and opinions. It does not provide any legal advice.)

Other Facts About Tibetan Dogs

  • They are quick learners, yet stubborn and strong-willed.
  • It is important to understand that Tibetan Mastiffs won’t always look up to their parents for direction. They can be their own guardian dogs, but is ususally happy to spend time with their owners and form a bond with them. However, they won’t always follow their commands.
  • The Tibetan Mastiff is quiet during the day but may bark at night, so they should not be left outside at night.
  • They are most active in the morning and evening, and are usually inactive inside the house. But they can be moderately active outside.
  • Dogs need to be socialized early in their lives, and socialization should continue on a regular basis. They can become aggressive towards strangers and people if they don’t have proper socialization.