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Tibetan Mastiff Care

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The quality of a dog’s life, like that of humans, is determined by a variety of aspects, with health being foremost among them.¬†Dogs are usually fully reliant on humans to learn and make decisions to improve their wellness in this human-dominated society. Humans decide when to play and when to discipline them, regulate their diet, their exposure to exercise, and when to check their health. The commitment to dogs is huge, but it’s well worth every time the owners get to spend with them.

Maintaining A TM's Wellness

Wellness considers all areas of a person’s life: mental, physical, and behavioral, and also actions, lifestyle choices, and environment. Tibetan Mastiffs aren’t any different, with the exception of one important point: their dependency on humans.

  • TMs require constant access to clean, freshwater as well as a diet that gives the necessary nutrients and calories to keep its weight stable.
  • These dogs demand an environment that is suitable for their size, level of activity, and physical and mental abilities.
  • To avoid overeating and unwanted weight gain, keep a close eye on the amount of food you offer your dog.
  • In order to improve health, endurance, and well-being, Tibetan dogs require a special, stable location for quality sleep.
  • They require an atmosphere that minimizes pain and anxiety while also having a loving, playful, and joyful home.
  • Daily exercise, such as regular walks, is essential for T Mastiffs’ physical and mental wellbeing, as they tend to get overweight.