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Mastiff Calendar Photo Contest | Voted Tibetan Dog Images

Click to view dog photo contestants. Note! Photos will open in a seperate window!

TMINFO Contest Winners


We are simply ecstatic and amazed by the reaction to our previous calendar contests. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude! Your participation guarantees that we can provide a fun and festive Tibetan Mastiff souvenir.

We will accept photo entries through July 15, 2012, and they will be posted for viewing only until August 1, 2010, when voting begins. Photos will be uploaded in the order in which they are received.

1) Vote for as many of your favorites as you’d like, but keep in mind that you can only vote once per photo and that your votes are final. We do not have the ability to change or remove your vote later.

2) Under each photo submission, you will only have the option of selecting “Yes.” We were forced to present a two-choice option due to the voting software’s limitations. You are not required to vote for every photo that is submitted. Simply select your favorite photographs and vote “YES” for them.

3) In the event that a dog receives enough votes to appear more than once in the calendar, we may ask each owner to select which photo they would like to see included. This is really a suggestion, not a must. We ask for this so that we can promote variety and give different/more dogs a chance to win a spot on the calendar.

Photos that were entered for previous calendar contests but did not win are elligible for re-submission for the 2012 Calendar Photo Contest.
Photos are listed in order of submission. Click each photo to view larger image.