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How to Train Your Tibetan Mastiff Not to Chase Wild Animals

Tibetan Mastiffs are a quiet, independent, and protective breed by nature. They are loving, and adoring and have a reserved character makes them great family dogs. Their protectiveness makes them even better sheepdog. But without proper training, they can be dangerous. Since TM dogs are so defensive, they can become triggered by the slightest sign …

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We are not an individual kennel, we are a breed information site. If you are looking for a puppy please check our Tibetan Puppy Anouncements or find an individual breeder on our Tibetan Mastiff Kennel Listing┬ápage. Make every effort to see the breeders’ facilities in person. We believe you may get a fairly realistic idea …

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Linking to tibetanmastiffinfo.com does not require our permission. We are delighted to make this resource available to anyone who would like to assist others in finding us on the web! We just ask that you take the following guidelines: Do not link to pages on our site in such a way that they are opened …

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