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Toxic Foods For Tibetan Dogs | Mastiff Food Safety

Guide to toxic fog food
Do you see yourself as an owner of the dog? Or, do you see the dog as an equal member of your family?
Ask yourself – are you feeding toxic foods to your dog?
If you do not see your doggie as a family member, then maybe feeding it commercial food brands and genetically modified pet food is not a big deal for you.
But if your dog is a dear and beloved part of your family, then you know it is hard work because you have to be conscious of what it can eat and what it cannot.

Do not worry; you are at the right place to know what foods dogs should not eat that is good for humans.

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Synthetic Vitamins In Mastiff Dog Food?

First of all, let us all admit that our dogs have the best vitamin-rich diet that we would want for ourselves.

It is natural to levitate towards commercial brands that ‘claim’ to contain all the essential vitamins & minerals needed for your growing puppy. But how safe are these synthetically manufactured vitamin supplements?

Are we saying that vitamin supplements in dog food are illegal? No, we are not saying that. In fact, all the vitamins added in dog food are added as per the standards set by USFDA & AAFCO.

Where is the problem, then, right? Well, these synthetic additives can, over a specific period, cause disorders in your dog’s body and accumulate in their body, leading to overdoses. Yes, no one is going to tell you about that, though.

You need to know what is toxic food for your Tibetan Mastiff. 

So, what is the solution, you ask. Should we just forget that our doggies need vitamins and ignore their needs? No, we would never say that.
Toxic Food For Tibetan Mastiffs

Unhealthy Foods for Tibetan Mastiffs And Other Dogs

The best alternative to synthetic vitamins and the rational one is natural vitamin-rich foods. Foods like healthy, non-cut chicken meat, fish rich in essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, surplus milk & probiotic foods.
But dogs and humans are not alike, obviously. So, the food that we may find a superfood for us, is not necessarily the same for dogs.
Do not worry. We are here to rescue, read on, and know about such foods that will cause your dog a lot of agonies and avoid feeding such foods to your dog.
Toxic Avocado For Tibetan Dogs

1. Avocado As Food For Tibetan Dogs? (No-no!)

God, who doesn’t love an Avocado, right? Of course, it is called a superfood and has high vitamin content.
Did you know that Avocadoes are also very good for your heart’s health? It sounds like a great deal to start eating Avocadoes right from today.
But this food has a completely polarizing effect for dogs. Avocado is not good for your dog.
Do not listen to any random website or influencer who tells you that Avocadoes are safe for your dog; they are lying from their teeth.
Avocadoes contain an insoluble toxin called Persin. What does this toxin do, you might ask? And what will happen if my dog eats an Avocado or two? Well, read on.

First, your dog will start vomiting, and also diarrhea will occur. Then will it will start getting weak. To make things worse, you will see the fluid collecting in your dog’s chest. Alarming right? Your dog might even have problems breathing. 


That’s right. We don’t want that to happen to anyone’s dog. The best course of action is keeping such fruits away from your dog’s reach. These are not foods for tibetan dogs. 

2. Can Dogs Eat Almonds? (No!)

Okay, like any caring dog parent, you believe that your pooch deserves their fair share of healthy fats, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and essential nutrition. You’re right, and we won’t stop you.

But you should also know that the foods that nourish us, humans, with the essential nutrition do not necessarily do that for your dog. 

No, we are not lying. What? Some Instagram’ Dog Mom’ or ‘Influencer’ told you that almonds are safe for your dog? Do not listen to them. Lies like these are what keep the medicine industry thriving.
T Mastiffs and other dogs cannot eat almonds, because of its high-fat content that can cause your dog’s pancreas to get inflamed. As you know, dogs tend to chew very less and just swallow their food whole. Hungry little troublemakers, aren’t they.
But this very trait of a dog is a danger to them. If a dog eats almonds without chewing or breaking them properly, the nuts can block your dog’s food pipe & windpipe. Very uncomfortable for your dog and you.

3. Baking Spices

What are baking spices? The spices that are used for baking purposes like cookie dough or brownie, duh! Baking spices like Cinnamon & Nutmeg, although not essentially toxic or fatal, can pose health problems to your dog, and in large quantities can cause serious symptoms.
Does your dog like to chew cinnamon sticks? Bad, stop it. Comes in contact with cinnamon powder? Very bad, prevent it. Why are we so naggy about out it? Because these substances can irritate your dog’s mouth and make it hard for them to breathe.
Now, how is nutmeg bad for my dog and what dangers can it pose? Nutmeg contains a toxic component called myristicin. In high doses, it can increase your dog’s blood pressure, make it see things that aren’t there and worse, cause seizures.
Yes, you’ll have to rush to the emergency room. It is best to avoid feeding baked goods to your doggy, no matter how much it cries.

4. Feed Onions & Garlic To Tibetan Dogs? (Ahem...)

Sounds a lot like Angels & Demons, but a lot sillier. Dogs getting onion poisoning? Yes, that is a thing, and we are not lying. Bulbous plants of the genus Allium, which are onions, garlic, chives & leek, are dangerous for dogs.
These little plants, when chewed & ingested by dogs, leads to the release of sulfur compounds. Now, what bad can sulfur compounds do, us humans eat them all the time, right? Well, it is not easy for dogs. These compounds can change the map of the red blood cells in dogs.
Toxic Tibetan Mastiff Foods
Yes, you guessed it right; the results are devastating. Your dog might not be able to breathe properly. It will suffer from anemia. And god forbid it ever happens, but this can even lead to a doggy’s death. We do not want these depressing things to happen! Always keep your onions away from your dogs.

5. Avoid Grapes & Raisins For Your Mastiff

Grapes being one of the most favorite citrus fruits for humans, are not so kind towards dogs. No matter which way they are ingested by your dog, raw, in cake, pies, snack bars, scones, or juice are toxic to your dog.
Toxic Raisin for Tibetan dogs
What will happen if a pet does ingest a few grapes, you may ask? Something as serious as nephrotoxicity and kidney failure.
You might have figured that almonds are not the only dry fruits that are an enemy to your dog. Indeed, raisins, sultanas, currants all fall in the same category. Keep such fruits and foods stored away from your innocent but hungry puppy.

6. Macadamia Nuts is NUT For Your Mastiff

If you have ever had Macadamia nuts, you must be familiar with the buttery flavor it produces in your mouth. You probably enjoyed them, didn’t you? Well, not so much enjoyment for dogs.
These nuts, even in the tiniest of quantities, produce a reaction in dogs though researchers still don’t know why. The entire mechanism of the toxicity of these nuts is not completely understood.
TM Macadamia nuts food
Has your pooch accidentally swallowed some Macadamia nuts? Don’t worry, observe them, and look for signs like sudden weakness and loss of control of their limbs.
Also, keep a thermometer at hand since high body temperature is also a sign that toxicity from these nuts can produce in dogs.

7. Is Chocolate Ok For Dogs? Including T Mastiffs? (No!)

Almost everyone who has a dog or aspires to own a dog, or just in general read about it, knows that chocolate is harmful to dogs, even you, right?
Yes, we hear you, dogs are missing out on something very sweet and yummy, but not giving them chocolate is for their own good.
Chocolate is prepared from cacao or cocoa. And this is a raw material that contains the chemical theobromine. Theobromine causes chocolate poisoning in dogs and is not good for humans either. How are we able to enjoy chocolate but not dogs? 
Food safety for mastiff
Theobromine is effectively metabolized in the human body & excreted. But unfortunately, dogs cannot metabolize the theobromine well in their body. What happens then? That right, it builds up in their body & thus, toxicity is produced.
You have probably heard about cases like these, haven’t you? Where a dog ate some chocolate and suffered seizures or collapsed. No, they weren’t lying; it really is that severe for dogs.
Avoid these toxic foods for dogs if you want your four-legged friend to be healthy. It doesn’t cost much to be a bit more aware of what goes well for your friend.