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Top 8 Dog Training Courses | T Mastiff Training Courses Reviewed

Award-winning Mastiff

There is so much misinformation about online dog training courses. It is hard to know which one you can trust. Some courses seem great when reading about them and they got great Trustpilot & online ratings, but we all know that these ratings can be manipulated. Which dog course can you trust online? Let’s find out…

Top 3 Online Dog Training Courses - Quick Picks

1. Brain Training For Dogs (1st place)

Brain Training For Dogs Banner

Picked as number one since (a) it has been highly rated for many years (b) has a low price (low risk for you), and (c) is geared towards dog owners with earlier dog training experience. This applies to most TM owners. Also, (d) the course is “brainy” with lots of intelligence training, which also applies to the intelligent Tibetan Mastiff breed.   

Workability (0-100%) 95%
Fun Factor (0-100%) 95%
X-factor (0-100%) 97%
Customer rating (0-100%) 94%
Price (0-100%) 96%

Regarding workability, Brain Training 4 Dogs is comprehensive and practical and should work if you read the modules and advance all way to the Einstein Level 7. Fun Factor is high due to all tricks and video instructions. X-factor is above average, since the course contains many tricks that even more experienced dog owners should appreciate. Customer ratings are average or above average. (However, keep in mind that some affiliate marketers are trying to trash the reputation of this course by calling it a scam. Not because it is a scam but because they want to create doubt in you and  bring traffic to another course that brings them more money.) Price is very low and you risk just a few cups of coffee in case you wouldn’t like the course. (Or, more likely, YOU screw up by not being coachable enough.) 




Brain-Training 4 Dogs
$ 42
  • Best Price Value
  • Best Customer Rating

Customer Ratings For Brain Training 4 Dogs

Below, you find some qualified reviews from experienced dog trainers. 

Dr. J Coates
Dr. J Coates
Veterinary Advisor at petMD.com
Read More
Brain Training for Dogs is the solution! In a clear and concise manner, Adrienne Farricelli walks owners through a series of puzzles and exercises that will challenge and entertain dogs of all abilities
Caryl Wolff
Caryl Wolff
Dog Training/Behavior Consultant for 20+ Years
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“Both the exercises and the games are very practical so dog owners may use them throughout the day to have a well-trained dog. There are training nuggets throughout, both in the step-by-step instructions and the Troubleshooting sections that will help enrich the lives of both dogs and their owners!”

2. Ian Dunbar Academy (2nd place)

Dunbar Academy Team
Mastiff Pup Banner

Picked as number two, since it is so comprehensive, and offers a smorgasbord of online courses for beginners – advanced. Over 500 classes offered. Impressive! Simply subscribe to the module you need, pay, and get started! 

Workability (0-100%) 95%
Fun Factor (0-100%) 95%
X-factor (0-100%) 92%
Customer rating (0-100%) 95%
Price (0-100%) 92%

About workability, an entire dog training academy stands behind this platform. Fun Factor is relatively high due to the engaging videos and high quality content. Satisfying X-factor with engaging content but perhaps not groundbreaking or cutting-edge. Customer ratings are high and price is low IF using the monthly subscription option. 



Ian Dunbar

Ian Dunbar Academy (Sirius Dog Training)
$ 20
  • Best Overall Course
  • Most comprehensive
  • Beginner to experienced

3. Fenzi Dog Sport Academy (3rd)


Picked as number three as an extra honorable mention, even though Fenzi is not really an online course. The reason is that Fenzi offers highly qualified dog training for experienced dog owners and trainers. If dog training is one of your core passions in life, then you may want to consider Fenzi. 

Top 8 Dog Training Classes Online - Full Review

Finding a T Mastiff training course is just about as important as selecting a school for your child. Every dog trainer & dog training class has its own personality and style, so be sure the school and trainer you choose are a good fit for you and your TM.
There are various factors to consider while selecting a trainer. You’ll want to gather referrals from people you trust, as well as learn about the trainer’s background and other relevant details. Once you’ve found a trainer that seems to meet your needs, take a class with him to determine if you like him and his methods. Enroll your Mastiff in the next course if you’ve discovered a match.

We’ve picked together our top selections for the best training courses for T Mastiffs, whether you’re searching for in-depth video series, live classes via Zoom, or something else.

Our rating (4,7)
Brain Training For Dogs Banner

More About Brain Training 4 Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs is a non-confrontational training method. Any TM owner can afford to buy into this and apply it to their at-home training dogs. The system and methods for improving a dog’s hidden intelligence are known as Brain Training. 

The goal of this program is to eliminate negative behavior and train your dog to be cooperative and well-behaved. The program’s author is convinced that every dog has a secret intelligence that can be developed and unlocked.

Once you’ve decided to join the program, you’ll be given not only training classes but also an assessment tool to help you gauge your progress. The device assesses how well your dog has learned. The Grade Level will be determined by how well you complete the activities and use the tools.
You may arrange your program online; the very first step is to log in to the program site, and then you’re ready to begin. You, the TM owner, will decide on the amount of training. When you log in, you have the option of keeping the program and learning or opting for the sixty-day Money Back Guarantee.
Intelligence training for dogs

Ian Dunbar Academy - Best Overall

Our rating (4,7)
Dr. Ian Dunbar is a dog trainer, a veterinarian, and an animal behaviorist. His writings and Dog Training School have made him renowned. The Dunbar Academy Online Dog Training Program is available on a monthly basis. It grants you access to the entire Dunbar training video & resource library.
You can select the courses that are relevant to your Mastiff’s training requirements. Each course is unique in its own way. Short films and text lectures are included in the newest courses. After each session, you can take a brief quiz to help you remember what you’ve learned. Additionally, bullet points below each video lesson recap what you’ve just learned.
Our rating
TM Breeders & Services

An anonymous breeder with over 40 years of experience created the program. Because data about this business is limited, we don’t know how many dogs he has trained or even what pet parents have to say regarding the program. You must first purchase the course online before using Puppy Trained Right’s services. 

The price is $299, which is on the higher side of what we’ve seen for training classes. You’ll be given a password to access materials online, where you may view videos or read articles about puppy training.

You will learn how to establish an environment suitable for a quick integration so that your puppy may readily adapt to your house with Puppy Trained Right. Start training your puppy right away so you can have a well-balanced, obedient T Mastiff for many years. Their puppy training program is tailored to busy puppy owners who are dedicated to raising well-adjusted adult canines.
Our rating

Nancy Richards established Train Pet Dog, an online dog training class. The program says it works for your dog in just 17 days and covers almost all elements of dog training, which seems like a very strong statement. Train Pet Dog claims to offer unique dog breed-specific knowledge and training strategies. 

A one-time payment of 67 US dollars is required for Dog Lovers Training Course & How to Look After Your Dog’s Health and Forum. It’s a reasonable price for the amount of information you gain from the book.

Training commands for dogs

Cesar's Way

Our rating
Cesar Millan is the most searched dog-behavior specialist in the United States. Cesar, on the other hand, isn’t a standard trainer; his competence lies in his extraordinary ability to understand dog behavior. He shares this knowledge by laying the foundation for you to have deeper, more fulfilling connections with your furry friends.
Cesar’s formula for a happy, balanced dog appears to be impossible to follow: discipline, exercise, and affection. Cesar walks readers through the fundamentals of canine psychology and behavior while also sharing the inside scoop on a few of his most intriguing cases, using them to demonstrate how common behavior issues arise and, more importantly, how they may be resolved.

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - Best Advanced

Our rating
Training Classes Reviewed
The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is an online school for training dogs with a variety of courses and topics for dogs of all ages. What makes this online training school unique is that you can go back over course materials for a year after you finish the program, allowing you to go over courses again if your Mastiff is a slow learner.
Everything from agility & behavior to fitness and health is covered in these courses. There will always be a new online course starting, so you’ll be able to find one that works for you. For quick tips and tricks, you can also use webinars and brief study programs. The cost of the course varies between $65 to $260, and it usually takes 6 weeks to finish. You’ll have access to online classes during that period, and depending on your membership level.

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution – Best Training Videos

Our rating
A trainer carrying his dog
Zak George is among the most popular dog trainers on the internet, with millions of views on his free Youtube channel, making him the most subscribed trainer on Youtube. While his training videos aren’t structured like a regular course, the sheer amount of them means that practically every topic is covered, from puppy training through leash walking to complicated abilities and tricks.
You’ll enjoy this book if you’re seeking a general overview of how to care for and teach your T Mastiff. Zak George’s infectious enthusiasm for dogs will inspire you to become more patient and caring with your dog, and his guidance will ensure that you understand precisely what to do while you raise your puppy.
Food option for giant TM

Peach On A Leash - Best Customer Ratings

Our rating
Peach on a Leash is an online dog training program that includes access to a qualified trainer & behaviorists, and also personalized courses to focus on the areas where your Tibetan dog requires the most assistance. Trainers will contact you through phone or email after every session to address any questions you may have and to assist you in areas where your dog is stuck. Get assistance with anything from new puppy behavior training to older dog skills and obedience.

VISIT Brain Training 4 Dogs

Review Winner