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Tibetan Mastiff Info Mission Statement

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In keeping with the spirit of the Eternal Knot, this Tibetan Mastiff Info site is a presentation of commitment to the worldwide education, preservation, and protection of the breed. We are dedicated not only to promoting breeder and owner responsibility by providing information, cooperation, communication, and respect that fosters a prudent and common-sense approach to all aspects of breeding and ownership, but also to helping you identify and find a reputable breeder. We are also keeping our passion to expose the pet food industry’s scams and providing you with healthier alternatives that you can rely on.

Goals And Objectives Of Tibetan Mastiff Info

By consistently researching information about the Tibetan Mastiff breed, we strive to educate people about it in order to improve the lives of these dogs and their owners. We aim to break the corrupted US dog food market, which entices dog owners to buy harmful dog food for their pets. We believe that everyone, including dogs, has the right to know what goes into their food.