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TM Pups

Tibetan Mastiff Breeders Ethics And Responsible Mastiff Breeding

Ethics And Responsible T Mastiff Breeding

Breeders who agree to observe the Code of Ethics should be aware that if TMINFO discovers that these principles have not been followed, we may withdraw your stamp of excellence and, in some situations, bar you from advertisement or presence on our site in the future.


Adopt The Tibetan Mastiff National Breed Club Standards

I will use the TM Standard established by my country’s National Breed Club as the model for how I would design and carry out my breeding program.

No Misrepresentations or Crossbreeding of TMs

I will protect the Tibetan Mastiff’s purity by not intentionally producing a crossbred litter.

I will give the customer of each T Mastiff dog or pup that I sell an objective description. I will not deliberately misrepresent the breed’s features, nor will I urge anyone to buy a puppy or adult Tibetan Mastiff without first telling them about the breed’s characteristics and behaviors.

Tibetan Dogs Ethical Breeders

Training, Care, And Socialization Of Tibetan Mastiffs

I commit to informing myself, prospective owners, and breed enthusiasts about proper Tibetan Mastiff care, training, and socializing.

I will be doing my part to help the breed even more by helping newcomers to the field who want to show, breed, or participate in other activities. I will promote and urge prospective owners of any dog I sell to take a training class and join me in becoming breed guardians by engaging in local dog club events and educational programs. I will not participate in or encourage activities like dogfighting or Tibetan Mastiff aggression training.

Physically Meet T Mastiff Breeders And Owners

I understand that for many individuals, meeting a Tibetan Mastiff in person is the only way to properly introduce them to the breed. I will do everything I can to put prospective owners in touch with persons who have familiarity with the breed, particularly those who live in their region. I will inform buyers of alternative available litters whenever possible and urge them to interview breeders before making a decision regarding a puppy.

Support T Mastiff Rescues And Shelters

By teaching buyers and breeders on the significance of accountability, encouraging individuals to volunteer at foster homes, and maintaining in touch with shelters and rescue groups, I will do my best to ensure that Tibetan Mastiffs do not end up in rescue or shelters.

Any TM that I breed will be my responsibility for the rest of its life. I will make every effort to work cooperatively with other Tibetan Mastiff breeders and to provide a community of assistance and foster homes as needed.

Responsible Mastiff Breeders


Appropriate Tibetan Mastiff Vet Care And Grooming

For my Tibetan Mastiffs, I will provide a safe, secure, hygienic, pest and disease-free environment, as well as ensure that they receive necessary and appropriate veterinarian treatment.

Responsible Tibetan Dog Breeding

Only when I believe the outcome has the ability to improve the breed will I breed a litter of T Mastiffs. Any Tibetan Mastiff I use within my breeding program will have its lineage, health, personality, and conformation documented and evaluated.

I will not sell or put any TM for breeding intentions that has a disqualification problem, health problem, or character flaw.

Honest And Ethical Tibetan Dog Health Screening

I’ll keep up to date on inherited health issues that are frequent in Tibetan Mastiffs, and I’ll do proper health screenings on potential breeding dogs. Only AKC (or other approved registry equivalents) dogs with OFA or Penn Hip certified (preferred for breeding) hips and elbows (or passing hip and elbow scores as determined by OFA international counterparts) will be bred by me. Any health test findings, as well as any growing health issues, will be made accessible to the potential stud or breeding bitch owners and buyers.

Screen Dog Owners Before Selling A Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

I will never sell a dog or puppy to a commercial dog wholesaler, dealer, broker, store, pet shop, or any other business for resale. Except as a present to a person who has been assessed as a suitable permanent home, I would not donate, raffle, or give away any T Mastiff.

I will never breed any female or male until they are close to or have passed the age of two years, and then only when they are both mentally and physically mature. I shall no longer breed dogs which I believe produce unhealthy puppies or are unwell or otherwise unfit for breeding. If a Tibetan Mastiff has had pups with major genetic flaws damaging to an animal’s well-being (physically or intellectually) and has generated similar outcomes with another mating partner, I will not utilize the dog or bitch for breeding again.

Do Not Breed Young TM Dogs Under 2 Years & No Breeding Overuse

No bitch must be bred before her 2nd season, nor may she be bred in such a way that her health or the puppies’ mental and physical well-being are compromised. I will never allow any male to be utilized so extensively that it has a negative impact on the gene pool’s diversity.

Comply With Laws And Prompt Use Of Breeding Documentation

I will abide by all laws pertaining to the ownership of dogs.

Interviews, questionnaires, and references will be used to thoroughly evaluate potential owners. In the sale of my puppies, I will be discriminatory and keep buyers informed of their obligations as dog owners. I will highlight the significance of swiftly reporting any health or character concerns to me. I will react to any inquiries or issues made by owners of dogs bred by me within a fair time frame.

Breeding Records And Contracts

I shall maintain records and keep them for a period of at least 5 years. Contracts for stud services, pedigrees, litter registrations, and records of all puppies or dogs sold or placed will be included in these documents. A microchip or tattoo will be used to permanently identify every pup or adult Tibetan Mastiff.

Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Care And Registrations

No puppy under the age of 8 weeks will be released from my care. All pups will also have a health & immunization record, which will include all of the puppy’s previous treatments as well as any recommended future treatments. The new owner will be given care and feeding instructions for each puppy. New puppy owners will be recommended to have their dog’s health evaluated by a licensed vet as soon as possible.

Except for any puppy sold without papers, I shall offer a registration application or even a transfer of ownership paperwork to each puppy or adult dog purchaser. Anyone who buys a pup without papers will receive written notification.