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TM Pups

Tibetan Mastiff Images | Favorite Images Of Tibetan Mastiff Dogs

Cute Tibetan Dogs

Are you still thinking of getting a Tibetan dog? Well, these photos may encourage you to get one as soon as possible.

Favorite Images Of Tibetan Mastiffs

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the largest dogs in the world, weighing up to 160 lbs. when fully grown. They have thick, long hair that ends in one big clump at the end of winter or the beginning of the spring. Despite its lengthy coat, this dog does not have the usual large dog smell that many dogs do. 

If you’re searching for a giant dog that will fit in a small apartment or house, this is not the right dog for you. They require a lot of space to move around and run because they are so big. Today, however, we’re concentrating on their cuteness.  

Here are some more favorite Tibetan Mastiff photos: 

Brown Tibetan Mastiff And Snow

A TM in a snowy forest. Mastiffs enjoy being outside in the cold. They were made for this climate, and they are at their most active throughout the winter months. With their massive body size and heavy fur, it’s no surprise. 

TM wearing a Kekhor

In the world of cold-weather canines, the TM reigns supreme. They are native to the Himalayas and thrive in both cold and hot temperatures. In the winter, the undercoat is thicker, but in the summer, it becomes lighter. 

Puppies Covered In Snow

Indeed, not everyone has the opportunity to raise a Tibetan dog. These dogs’ lifestyle demands can only be met by people who are fortunate enough. If you live in a tropical climate, these requirements include air conditioning.

Black Tibetan Puppies

While we may not all be able to enjoy raising a TM, here’s a picture of one as a puppy to give you a taste of what it’s like to have one (virtually). 

Fluffy Brown Mastiff In Snow

More Tibetan Mastiff Images

The TM’s double coat is medium to long and comes in a range of colors, such as black and tan, solid black, various shades of red, bluish-gray, and white patterns around the chest, neck, and legs, depending on the temperature. 

They sleep a lot during the day, so at night they’re more active, attentive, and observant. This breed comes in a variety of colors, including black, black and tan, red gold, brown, brown and tan, and blue-gray.

Below, you’ll see different colors of Mastiffs:

The brown TM: 

Fluffy Tibetan Dog Mane

The black and tan T Mastiff: 

Two Black TMs
Black Tibetan Puppies

Do you recognize the difference between the puppies above vs. the one below? 

Black TM Pup

Dog Love Photos

T Mastiffs are gentle canines who are also lively and assertive. They can be wonderful companions as long as they are aware that they are not in command. If you plan on having one of these dogs, you must project an aura of dominance, or else they will walk all over you. Aside from winning the dog’s respect, it’s also crucial to consider its activity requirements.

Brown Mastiff And A Girl

If you want a Mastiff, you should be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort necessary to provide it with enough exercise. If you think you’ll be able to manage it, I strongly advise you to get one of these dogs. I promise, with the right socialization and training, you’ll have an awesome journey together! 

Brown TM With A Kid
Adult T Mastiff Training & Socialization

Do you want even more images of Tibetan Mastiffs? Ok, just because we love you. Here you go: