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Susan Thixton | The Truth About Your Tibetan Dog’s Food

Susa Thixton Dog
Thousands of dogs died because of the pet food they ate. What exactly killed them?
In 1991, Susan Thixton lost her pet to ethoxyquin, a chemical used in preserving the pet food she fed Sam. Sam died from cancer.
Although that was a painful loss for her, it was the dawn of a new era for activism in the pet food industry.

Thixton’s Fight Against Corruptive Lies About Pet Food

In 2006, Susan founded the TruthAboutPetFood.com, a website dedicated to providing newsletters to pet consumers.
The purpose of the website — to reveal the scams and foul play in the pet food industry. Susan offered to pet consumers transparency. A virtue the FDA couldn’t provide.
When it comes to ensuring the safety of pet food, the FDA is biased, and Susan was determined to expose them.

Combating FDA Pet Food Corruption

According to Thixton, the FDA hasn’t been transparent in its policies on pet food. Usually, meetings and conferences are closed to pet food consumers.

However, in November 2020, Susan’s FDA investigation  successfully induced the government to share their updates on the DCM Webinar. where dog owners forced FDA tranparency. 

The agency had earlier closed the attendance to the public. But protests from Susan Thixton, pet owners, and other activists forced the FDA into transparency.

Also, on January 17, 2020, she succeeded in using her activism to coax the AAFCO to invite pet consumers to their conference. The association had earlier denied consumers access to the conference.

Susan’s ready to check the government. And nothing was going to stop her. Even if it meant she was not going to see eye to eye with the government.
In December 2020, the California government voiced its intention to update its pet food laws. The purpose was for pet consumers to comment.

But there was a twist of fate. With Susan Thixton’s research, it turns out that the California dog food laws made empty promises.

Susan Thixton helped to extract emails proving this to pet owners. The Pet Fooled in fact thanked her for “being on top of this research”.

But it gets worse.

Thixton’s Combat Against Diseased And Dead Animals In Dog Food

By federal law, food is articles consumed as food or drink by humans or pets. And adulterated food included meat gotten from a diseased or dead animal.

Yet it turns out that most commercial pet foods used adulterated meats in making their food. What is regarded as “food” on kibble labels is in fact “feed”.

FDA Permitting Adulterated Products In Dog Food

Susan discovered that the FDA permitted the use of adulterated products in making pet food. Meat gotten from dead animals was allowed in pet food.
Unfortunately, pet manufacturers aren’t transparent about this. A lot of them claimed they used USDA inspected meat.

Susan Thixton’s priority is the health of pets and the safety of pet food. As a result, on July 15, 2019, she set up an FDA pet food petition to fight against this illegal policy with a profit-making motive.

On April 20, 2019, The FDA claimed to illegalize the use of adulterated products. However, in February 2020, Susan Thixton exposed FDA’s illegal pet food acts of having no intention of upholding the law.

Up until now, she keeps enlightening pet consumers about the difference between pet food and pet feed.

But that is not all.

A Resilient Woman In A World Against Her Values

With her activism, Susan Thixton exposes the hidden propaganda of the FDA, AAFCO, and CDC concerning pet food regulations.
Are these agencies comfortable with her activism? No, they aren’t.
In 2011, Susan was appointed as an advisor to the AAFCO pet committee and the ingredient definition committee. However, the association was threatened by her and terminated her appointment.

Threatened For Telling The Truth About Dog Foods

She was reinstated into the position. Yet in 2017,  the association dismissed her because of the factual comments she made about the president-elect of the AAFCO. Clearly, they would always be threatened by her for telling the truth.

But she keeps being resilient and keeps fighting for what is just and true. She is not a sycophant and wouldn’t be swayed by a position. She always stayed loyal to her cause.
Her activism has made pet consumers stay informed about the condition of the pet food industry.
There was huge turbulence in February 2018. The FDA made a statement that blatantly condemned raw food.
Susan Thixton is one of the few advocates that agitated that raw food is not dangerous for pets. She clarified sensitive issues about misleading information using facts and studies.

FDA Canceled The Pet Food Safety Law

In 2007, following the death of thousands of dogs, there was a national outcry for pet food laws. The FDA made a promise – to pass a law that ensured the safety of pet food.
Susan Thixton is determined to ensure these were not mere words of mouth. Unfortunately, in 2018, the FDA deleted the pet food safety law. Shocking, right?
That was a devastating blow and a drawback for her and the pet community.

Implement New Pet Food Safety Laws And Regulations

Part of her current agenda is to ensure the FDA implements Pet food safety regulations as well as provide the legal definitions of the pet food ingredients. She’s still fighting to see the actualization of just and health-oriented pet food laws.
She is deeply concerned about the health of pets. She has been telling the truth about pet food since 2006 and hasn’t stopped.

FDA Approving Major Dog Food Manufacturers To Violate The Laws That Protect Your Dog's Health

In  2019, she was invited to speak at the raw feeding veterinary society Conference in Bristol, UK. In the conference, she reveals how the FDA permits pet manufacturers to violate laws for profit.

She comments:

“I was honored to be able to tell this worldwide organization the ‘truth about pet food’ in the U.S. But, at the same time it was an embarrassment; I was sad and embarrassed to admit our U.S. government employed regulatory authorities (FDA, State Department of Agriculture, AAFCO) has for decades cared more about the pet industry profits than pet health.”

Also, on September 6, 2020, she warned pet consumers about Tularemia, a bacteria that infected humans from the Mars petcare food plant.
Although the FDA was aware of the situation, they kept mute about this information. Would you ever think the FDA, the agency charged with food safety, will risk the lives of its citizens?

Susan Thixton Activism Outlets

Susan has helped the lives of millions of dogs and brought many consumers out of the dark. She has 88,222 followers on Facebook and 5,851 tweets on Twitter.

In 2013, her website became the AssociationofTheTruthAboutPetFood. She provides newsletters bearing information about recalls, ingredients, news, regulation, and pet.
The association consists of pet owners, brilliant scientists, and veterinarians dedicated to making a better world for pets. She’s also the co-author of Dinner Pawsible and the author of Buyer Beware.

FDA Allows Diseased Animals In Dog Foods?

Because of the illegal allowance of diseased animals to be used in manufacturing pet food, she established the petsumers report.
The report provides a list of pet food brands that use human-grade products for buyers in the US and Canada.
She keeps fighting the government to do what is right, just, and legal.

Closing the circle

Apparently, the pet community needs people like Susan Thixton. She has been an inspiration to the pet community.

Pets may not be able to fight for their rights and safety, but Susan Thixton provides the voice they need.
She exposes the government’s disregard for the safety of pet food, the Billion-dollar Pet food brands lobbying influence, and the toxic ingredients used in making processed pet food.
However, with people like Susan Thixton exposing the dirty politics, there is hope in the pet food industry. And just like her motto says, “learning the truth can save your pet’s life.”
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