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St Bernard Mastiff Mix

Husky Mastiff Mixes & Crossbreeds

Making an informed and educated choice about the dog you want is a prerequisite for becoming a good dog parent. Because of that, let’s find out more about the St Bernard Mastiff Mix and investigate if this breed is for you.  

Mastiff St Bernard Mixes We Love

The Saint Bermastiff, often known as the St Bernard Mastiff mix, is a magnificent breed. This mix is the dog breed for you if you’re seeking a large and powerful dog.

This mix is, without a doubt, a large dog. Because a mixed breed like the Saint Bermastiff can acquire features from either or both parents, it’s critical to understand both parent breed characteristics before getting a mixed breed like it. 


A Mastiff should weigh between 100 and 150 lbs and stand between 24 and 26 inches tall, but a St. Bernard should weigh between 140 and 180 lbs, with some reaching 260 lbs. In addition, Saint Bernard usually stands from 28 to 35 inches tall. This means that your mix will likely fall somewhere on the range between these breeds, necessitating the purchase of an extra-large dog harness once it is fully grown. 

Since it is a huge strong breed, this mix isn’t for the faint-hearted. These canines are not for everyone because the Saint Bernard Mastiff mix can be stubborn. These dogs are fantastic to be with if you understand what you’re getting yourself into. 


The huge mixed breed has droopy ears, a muscular body, a wide head, and short legs. These dogs are recognized for their friendly disposition around kids. They’re also recognized for their long-distance stamina when walking or running. 

These mixes are also known for producing bucket loads of drool, which might result in damp floors in your car or home. They are, on the whole, fairly sociable and gentle dogs. 

About the Saint Bernard Mastiff Mix

Mastiff And Husky Crossbreeds

Understanding the parent breeds of the Saint Bernard Mastiff will give you a better understanding of the dog’s personality. To do so, we must examine the histories of both breeds individually.

One of the most famous dogs origin claims is that of the early St. Bernard saving lost tourists in snowstorms and leading them through the dangerous Great St Bernard Pass throughout the Swiss Alps. The breed was first documented in 1703 when it was developed for this purpose in a well-known hospice in Switzerland. It is said to have saved over 2,000 lost travellers over the decades. 

The Mastiff is thought to have come from Asia. In his narrative of attacking Britain in 55 BC, Caesar mentioned Mastiffs. The Mastiff attracted aristocrats as well as the general public in dogfighting venues. 

A Dog For The Show Ring

Today’s Mastiff, like St. Bernard, is generally bred as a pet or for the show ring. They didn’t lose their fearlessness, boldness, or love to their owners, though. 

The Mastiff St Bernard is a huge dog breed. They have a mild, easygoing personality and are known for being devoted, loving, and protective dogs. The size of this mix depends on their dietary habits; however, they can reach lbs and stand over 6 feet in height. 

Despite the fact that these crossbreeds are noted for their large size, not all of them grow to be the same size. It’s vital to note that your dog’s weight and height are influenced by both genetics and his general wellbeing. 

Character Traits

A St. Bernard Mastiff mix’s temperament is typically among the most distinctive and recognizable characteristics in this dog breed. They are recognized for their friendliness, sturdiness, loyalty, and cuddliness. 

St. Bernard Mastiff crossbreeds are also intelligent and simple to teach. They have strong personalities and require a seasoned trainer when using positive reinforcement strategies to train them. 

Because of its energetic and loving nature, this St Bermastiff is an excellent family dog. The breed is made up of a huge mixture of qualities from its parent breeds, implying that this combination has a lot of affection to give. Because it shares the same herding drive with kids, the St Bernard aspect of this hybrid is very beneficial to them. 

Despite the fact that this isn’t a high-energy dog, it must have access to a large enough yard to run around in. Although these canines have a great love for their human pack, they will perform best indoors with their family. 

Saint Bernard vs Tibetan Mastiff

Without a question, the level of care offered to the dog is among the most significant factors in the longevity of the dog’s life, but there are many other aspects, particularly the dog’s breed. Tibetan Mastiffs have a longer lifespan than Saint Bernards, ranging from 11-14 years while the lifespan of a St Bernard is 8–10 years. 

You can’t go wrong with a Saint Bernard or a Tibetan Mastiff if you’re searching for a companion dog. Their energetic and welcoming nature makes them an excellent family pick. When it comes to family, they are both quite affectionate and will quickly become family members. 

There isn’t much of a gap between these breeds when it regards temperament with kids. Both breeds have a soft spot for children and are usually friendly and patient with them, but temperaments can vary depending on the dog. Socializing them in their early years is still necessary in order to prevent aggression with children.  

Mastiff St. Bernard Mix

Friendly Or Hostile To Strangers?

Many owners choose a dog that is welcoming to visitors, while others want a dog that is protective. When it comes to stranger friendliness, St Bernards and TMs are the polar opposites. While Saint Bernards are known for their friendliness toward strangers, T Mastiffs are inherently cautious of strangers, so expect them to be protective.