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TM Pups

Planned Tibetan Mastiff Breeding Rogue River

Rogue River Tibetan Mastiffs believes in growing, training, and showing a healthy TM with a calm temperament. We are pleased to present our first litter, which is produced by a magnificent girl that exemplifies the noble T Mastiff temperament.

When her friends come to visit, she is inclined to like children and being an enthusiastic companion. Mishka is equally at ease going out to dinner in Seattle at Norms, where K-9 partners are welcomed, as she is playing in the river with her housemates. She is open to meeting and including other animals as visitors in her home, and she is also willing to visit other people’s homes. Her demeanor is impeccable wherever she goes.


 She is prone to loving children and being a eager companion when friends of hers come to visit.  Mishka is as comfortable going out for dinner in Seattle at the famous Norms where K-9 companions are made welcome, as she is playing at the river with her household buddies.  Willing to meet and include other animals in her home as guests she also is happy to go out and visit at others homes.  She exhibits good manners wherever she goes.

Rogue River - Planned Tibetan Mastiff Breeding

An Excellent T Mastiff With AKC Championship Status

She achieved her AKC Championship by competing against well-known breeders in the breed ring. She has a really feminine body style and presents a lovely image. She has always been in good health and has received high marks on health tests. Hips are rated Good, elbows are rated Normal, and thyroid is rated Normal by OFA.

Sierras’ Taco Flavored Kisses at Dawa (Lopez) has bred Rogue Rives Mist to bring together display and working lineages with high-quality examples of the breed.

CH. Sierras’ Taco Flavored Kisses at Dawa Lopez is our resident canine GQ model and the all-around good guy of the pack. He especially loves his canine ladies, has a special affection for the tree frogs here and certainly likes people too. 

His large headpiece, well-padded muzzle, and excellent profile make him an outstanding model of a TM. He has a beautiful thick coat with a proper coarse mantle in a deep golden shade. Lopez is a strong and healthy individual, with Penn Hip scores of.37/.27 in the 80th percentile. His OFA elbow prelim, as well as his thyroid, heart, and CERF eye tests, are all normal.

You can view his health results in the CHIC database at http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1518687#animal

Experienced homes are welcome to contact us via phone or email lorettriley@gmail.com.

Daily updates are available on facebook; Lorett Riley.