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Rodney Habib ‘The Forever Dog’ | Planet Paws For Your Tibetan Dog

Planet Paws For Tibetan Dogs
The dog Sammie was diagnosed. But Rodney Habib decided that was not the end for his pet. He was determined to find a way for Sam to live a healthy, long life.
In his quest, Rodney shared his new knowledge on pet nutrition and pet health.

Rodney Habib And Planet Paws

Rodney comes from Nova Scotia. There, he owned a small pet shop. But he was not just any pet shop owner.

Today, Rodney Habib is a pet nutritionist, animal activist, and talented speaker. He owns a prestigious pet website- The Planet Paws.
T Mastiff Planet Paws

In 2012, he started Planet Paws on Facebook. There, he provides updates on pet nutrition, pet news, and pet health. He uses his personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide updates too.

He enlightens pet parents on pet nutrition and advocates feeding pets minimally processed food. He believes that it is essential to include fresh food in a dog’s diet.
He helps dogs all over the world live a healthier life.

Rodney Habib Dog Food Change

Rodney used to feed his pets processed food. Sadly, he lost a cat to unhealthy food while his dog was diagnosed with cancer.
And like most of us have asked, Rodney asked the ultimate question, How can dogs live a healthier life?
His dedication is to find the answer to that question. We all know the saying that “hard work pays off.” It is true!
In 2015, his dedication to his cause rewarded him with 100,000 followers on his Facebook account. That same year, he had written over 600 blogs and had over 100 interviews.
In 2016, he had his very first TEDx talk. He discussed the topic “why dogs don’t live forever.” The YouTube video records over 1 million views.
Again, in 2017, he featured on the TEDx talk show where he explained: “why fresh human foods are so important for dogs.”

Rodney Habib's Ted Talk & The Forever Dog

And in his 2018 TEDx talk in Mexico City, Rodney gave a talk on “how to build the forever dog.”
He had successfully researched and developed 8 longevity tips that could help dogs live long. These tips could make our pets live as long as the oldest dog on earth.
In December 2019, Rodney had achieved so much more than he could imagine.
He had different talks in 22 cities, a talk at the headquarter of Facebook in California and a TEDx talk in Mexico.
In 2016, the Canadian government recognized him for being one of the influential brands in the country. After his TEDx talk in 2016, Ted recognized him for having the highest views his show ever recorded on pet talks.

Advocating Fresh Raw Diets For Dogs

We all saw the headlines in 2018 – That raw food diet is harmful to pets. This common misconception is undoubtedly alarming. It’s also a major concern for pet parents.
Rodney Habib is a raw diet advocate. He has given various scientific proof about the benefits of a raw diet.
In fact, based on a study from Purdue University, he found that feeding your pet a fresh food diet can decrease their chance of having cancer by 90%.
Rodney’s pet Sammie has kidney disease and cancer. And in the past twelve years of feeding his pet fresh foods, he testifies that Sammie has never been healthier.

Rodney Habib's Dog Food Recipes

In 2016, he shared a  homemade dog food recipe. The recipe teaches pet parents how to make nutritionally balanced raw food for their pets.

Warning Against Rawhide Chews

Rodney also argues against rawhide chew toys for pets. In 2017, he posted a video that exposed that the chew chides are not raw.
They are processed with several chemicals that are toxic to dogs. A fact that was shocking to many pet parents.

He advises pet parents to feed their pets a grain-free diet to prevent cases of DCM in dogs. In June 2019, he compiled a review of the 13 worst dog food of the year.

This review has helped many pet parents avoid the worst products in the pet food industry. The video currently has over 840,000 views on Youtube.

Habib's Role In Dog Health During The Covid-19 Pandemic

First experiences are the hardest.
For pet parents, not knowing whether they could contact the CoronaVirus from their pets is terrifying.
Rodney posted several videos, interviews, and podcasts that help parents relate to their pets.
On March 24, 2020, he interviewed Dr. Sarah from Cambridge University. He shared the video on his FB page to enlighten pet parents on the issue of the virus.
On April 6, he had an interview with Dr. Scott Weese and Dr. Karen Becker on the most recent study. This study proves the CoronaVirus could infect cats.
Dr. Scott Wesse gave his opinion on the degree of risk of contaminating the virus from cats. He explains:
“The risk isn’t Zero. We don’t know what the risk is. But there’s some degree of risk potentially. Putting it in the grand scheme of things, that risk is probably low. And that risk from your pet is exceptionally low. The key point is; we can do some basic things to reduce that risk – social distancing.”
The video recorded 370,000 viewers.
Till date, Rodney posts updates on the study concerning pet health on his social media. He provides reliable information and has helped millions of pet parents improve their pet health and nutrition.
On several occasions, he has worked with the notable Dr. Karen Becker in educating people on pet health and nutrition.

Rodney Habib's Fight Against Dog Cancer

Losing your dog to cancer is painful. Rodney is determined that never happens.

And from his experience, studies, and findings, Rodney Habib compiled a dog cancer series. It’s a guide developed with Dr. Karen Becker to help pet parents who own pets battling cancer.

Rodney Habib 'The Forever Dog'

The series is a video compilation of over 6 hours of experts explaining everything to know about cancer in dogs. The series has a dog community on Facebook with over 19.9k members.

Use Turmeric Against Dog Cancer

Also, on July 14, 2020, he shared a recipe that could fight cancer using Tumeric. Moreover, Rodney always posts new studies proving how to fight cancer on his social media pages.
He is the author of the book – The Forever Dog – which is expected to be published in 2021.
Because of his diligence and brilliant work, Rodney Habib has built a name and a reliable website. He is regarded as an authority in the pet niche. As of 2020, he has over 3.4 million followers on Facebook.

Closing the circle

Rodney is a pet parent who is devoted to helping pet parents make his mistake.  In 2015, he attests he would give anything to get back his dead cat, Scribbles, or Sammie’s kidneys. But until then, he says:
“I will keep learning, researching and blogging for you, the pet owner, until the day my fingers fall off. (And even then, I will learn to use my toes.)”

Still today, Rodney Habib has certainly kept his promise.

Healthy Dog Training Treats For Every Owner

On a mission to give your dog a healthier life.