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U.S. Mastiff Info | Dog Rescue Representatives

Dog Rescue Representatives - USA

Getting A Dog From A Rescue Center

Thousands of dogs are slaughtered every day at animal shelters throughout the world. They suffer in misery, as the commercialization of pets takes away their ideal place next to loving owners. So, why buy a dog when you can adopt one from a shelter? 

When you rescue a dog by buying a Tibetan Mastiff through adoption, instead of buying one the usual way, you are giving life and hope to a place where these notions have been lost for a long time. Despite the fact that these dogs have a history of molestation, they have a great love for people.

Helping such a creature is like handing them a second chance at life, a chance to start over and discover that this planet has more to offer than misery and pain. Rather than buying a dog, be an angel for a lonely soul and rescue one.

Dogs In Animal Shelters

Approximately 3 million dogs are anticipated to enter shelters in the United States each year. Despite the fact that this figure is alarming, it is significantly lower than the projected 4 million dogs who entered shelters during 2011. These dogs arrive in shelters as stray animals, owner surrenders, or have maltreatment seizures in order to be cared for and rehabilitated.

While many rescues accept stray dogs or owner surrenders, others also work to eliminate dogs from animal shelters in order to make room for new arrivals and maintain the ongoing trend of lowering the number of dogs euthanized in shelters each year.

If you’re thinking of saving a dog right now, below are the contact details of rescue representatives of different states in the USA:


Karen Slater of Dunebridge TMs


Beti and Ed Barron of Arborstone Ranch TMs


Betty Ruffini


Susan Ochsenbein of Himalaya TMs