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TM Pups

Rescue Tibetan Dogs | T Mastiff Adoption Shelters

Furry Mastiff Rescue dog

Tibetan Mastiff Breeders Response Network (TMBRN) is committed to assisting Tibetan Mastiff Rescue volunteers all over the world. We understand the difficult and critical role that volunteers in this program undertake in ensuring the breed’s safety and well-being.

Breeders have to be the initial point of contact for TMs going to be put in shelters or who have already been abandoned, according to the participants in this program. We hope to be able to identify dogs joining the Rescue system through our network, contact their Breeders, and empower those Breeders to make decisions regarding the dogs they have bred.

Tibetan Dog Adoption Guidelines

  1. Encourage Tibetan Mastiff breeders to assume accountability for the puppies or dogs in their breeding programs by making it easier for any canines to be rescued or re-homed.
  2. To facilitate easy identification of different Tibetan Mastiffs, provide information to the TMBRN database on a voluntary basis.
  3. Encourage breeders to communicate more effectively.
  4. Work with ALL dog owners, ALL rescue groups, ALL organizations, and ALL shelters to guarantee that dogs are safely rescued and re-homed as quickly as possible, with the least amount of stress and unnecessary cost.
T Mastiff Adoption

There is no affiliation between this group as well as any breed club or rescue organization. Volunteers in the TMBRN can anticipate being called upon to help each other by facilitating, fostering, transporting, and re-homing.