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  • Anxiety and stress
  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Digestion problems

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Can You Trust Petly CBD For Your TM Dog?

petly cbd drops

Wondering if premium-grade CBD oil can improve your dog’s health? Petly CBD oil is made using 100% organic hemp with hemp seed oil carriers and offers broad-spectrum cannabinoids. The formula features CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, and CBDA. 

So is Petly CBD oil for dogs the best choice for your pet? Can you trust the product’s safety and brand’s claims? Read our complete review to find out more about Petly CBD for dogs. 

Petly - CBD food topper



Key Features

  • Uses closely monitored local organic hemp grown in Colorado 
  • Uses hemp seed oil carriers for extraction, which offers healthy fatty acids and antioxidants 
  • Offers CBD oils, treats, and chews explicitly formulated for dogs 
  • Different CBD oils and products for small, medium, and large dogs
Petly Subscription

Products & Pricing

Petly provides CBD oils, chews, and treats for dogs, and the oils come in three unique strengths to fit all dog sizes and weights. The first strength is for small dogs, the second for medium dogs, and the third for large dogs like Tibetans. Here’s an overview of the products and pricing: 

Petly CBD Food Topper - 30 servings

CBD Oil for Small Dogs

If your dog is 25 pounds or lighter, you should purchase Petly CBD oil for small dogs. The formula features 125mg CBD from organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. You’ll receive a dropper bottle with 30 droppers containing hemp extracts and MCT coconut oil.

CBD Oil for Large Dogs (including Tibetan Mastiffs)

This large dog dropper is designed for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds and features 500mg of the premium phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extracts. One full dropper equals 1ml and contains 16.6mg. Like the small dog dropper, the large bottle features 30 droppers and MCT coconut oil. 

CBD Oil for Medium Dogs

As you’ve guessed, this dropper is for dogs between 26 pounds and 50 pounds and contains 250mg of the same extract at 8.33mg per drop. The bottle has 30 droppers containing broad-spectrum hemp and MCT coconut oil. 

Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats

As you’ve guessed, this dropper is for dogs between 26 pounds and 50 pounds and contains 250mg of the same extract at 8.33mg per drop. The bottle has 30 droppers containing broad-spectrum hemp and MCT coconut oil. 

Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats

You can order Petly CBD dog treats, which come in a bag containing 25 chews featuring water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD from organically grown hemp. The treats are formulated by veterinarians and suit all dogs. They don’t feature any THC or artificial preservatives/additives.

CBD Dog Food Topper

CBD food topper enhances the nourishment your pet will get from their meals. The formula comes in a tub containing 30 scoops of 20mg CBD per serving and omega-3 fatty acids. No wheat, soy, corn, potato, lentils, or flour is used in the food toppers. 

CBD Oil For Dogs Dosage Calculation

The general rule of thumb is 0.25mg per body weight. However, the dosage will vary depending on the dog’s ailment, age, reaction, and tolerance. For instance, a younger dog may be more tolerant than an old dog and requires a higher dose to get the desired effects of the hemp oil. 

CBD delivery modes also affect the dose. For example, oils and tinctures are fast-acting and offer faster benefits, while treats may feature other ingredients that slow down the metabolism, delaying the benefits. Here’s how to calculate CBD dosage for your dog:

  • Determine Your Pet’s Weight – Weighing your pet is the easy part but crucial since most doses and product recommendations are based on pet weight.  
  • Calculate the CBD Per Serving – Petly CBD products indicate how much CBD is in each product. For instance, Petly CBD oil for small dogs has 125mg in 30 (1ml) drops, about 4.16mg per 1ml drop. The number is unique for different products. 
  • Determine the Correct Dose – Find the recommended dose for your pet. The 0.25mg per body part (kg) doesn’t always suit all dogs for various reasons. You can use a CBD for dogs dosage calculator to determine the ideal dosage for your pet. 

How Frequently Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil?

As a general rule of thumb, you should start with a lower dose less frequently and work your way up to higher doses more frequently. Ultimately, you want to give your dog the correct amount that’ll produce the desired benefits.  

Veterinarians recommend two servings per day. You can also offer CBD after every 8 hours or as necessary. It all depends on your dog’s requirements, tolerance, and condition. For instance, you can provide chews to calm your dog 30 minutes before a tense situation such as fireworks.

Best CBD For Dog Format

Petly has three unique CBD formats for dogs; CBD oil, CBD Chews/treats, and CBD food toppers. All three forms are convenient and easy to give your pet. However, CBD oil is the most potent format in the product line and probably the best to give your dog fast results. 

However, you can incorporate CBD treats and food toppers to help you meet the dosage if your dog has trouble taking the oils. Unfortunately, Petly doesn’t provide CBD capsules at the moment, but the oils, chews, and food toppers work just fine. 

What People Say about Petly CBD Formula for Dogs

Petly doesn’t have many reviews on popular consumer review platforms but boasts a growing reputation in Colorado and surrounding areas. The company also ships products across the USA for free. Here’s what people say about CBD oils and pet products. 

Positive “I’ve been ordering PETLY CBD oil and treats for my two-year-old husky, and I have seen a huge difference. He has really bad anxiety and it helps him so much. Amazing the difference. You’ve got a customer for life.” 

 “After taking my dog off pain meds due to complications, I turned to Petly CBD. As a result, my dog has shown vast improvement in her demeanor!” 

Our Verdict about Petly CBD For Dogs

Petly is definitely worth trying if your dog suffers anxiety, pain and discomfort, digestive issues, mobility issues, and generally poor health conditions. The CBD oil formula features 100% organic hemp extracts and clinically proven results.  

Petly also provides CBD for cats and is dedicated to improving pet health. The hemp growing and extraction processes are closely monitored to ensure consistent, high-quality CBD for dogs and cats. Pet owners also get a lot of value for their money.