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Online Dog Training Scams | Avoid These Courses For Your Mastiff

I guess you are a dog owner? Then I am sure you have already seen some of the fantastic claims most dog training courses give?
Fancy claims and quotes of people saying that THIS is the one course that added magic to their relationship with their dog. Do you believe these testimonials?
Perhaps you have even fallen prey to one of these questionable courses? I’ve studied so many of these programs that I can’t even recall how many, and… I can reveal right now that…

Frustrated By All These Outdated Dog Training Courses

… I’ve found that a large portion of the courses out there are outdated at best and detrimental at worst, and I’ll explain exactly how:
I don’t know why, but I often trust and see the best in people, so I first trusted these well marketed courses, over and over, even after having been ripped off.
Finally, I told myself that it’s ENOUGH. It’s time to dig deeper to find dog training programs that I can TRUST.
Trustful training programs that actually give value for your hard earned money, programs that breed trust and understanding between you and your dog.
So, I started to carefully scrutinize (and sometimes even join) each training course I could find. Sometimes, I even checked with the staff about the origins of their programs, asked on what sound principles they were created, and what evidence they had that the training techniques would work for most dog owners, like you and me.
I felt frustrated by what I saw:
– Lacking customer service
– Lacking amount of training videos
– Youtube-y videos with little substance
– Outdated dominance training techniques
– Non-working member websites
– Unsubstantiated claims and reviews
I nearly gave up trying to find any TRUSTFUL courses that were teaching constructive techniques that actually worked. Courses that created a close relationship with my dog, in a way that deep down felt right.

I Found It!

And then… to my surprice, while mechanically going through some of the usual dubious dog training websites that promise but don’t fully deliver, I actually saw a couple of courses that gave some hope.
I studied them more closely and saw that the training techniques looked not just inspiring and unique, they also seemed simple and easy to apply.  
In one of the courses, the trainer was even CPDT-KA certified. She had over 1000 hours dog training experience, over the last 10 years. And deep knowledge of science-based dog training, learning theory, ethology, dog training technique and instruction.
Both the program and the trainer were cheered in hundreds of positive reviews by GENUINE and REAL people, who hade a full name and a face.
I checked how it looked inside the course. Quickly saw dog owners chatting with each other, in a community that united us all around a common interest: a healthy relationship with our dog.
And the trainer, Adrienne, even replied directly to the emails sent in the community! I’ve never seen a trainer in a program like this, who takes the time to chat directly with the customers.
This felt good, and later I found that the training techniques worked!
However, I recommend that you join her pretty quickly, since it looks like she is getting so many new members I fear she may soon close the doors for newcomers…
…because I doubt they can continue to give this helpful and heartfelt service to each existing member, unless they close the doors for new members.
So, overall I felt frustrated and disappointed by the lack of quality in the dog training courses I investigated, and I really hope that you are one of those unique dog owners who do NOT make any stupid mistakes, and instead join one of the 2 programs I list for you below.
I tremendously wish you an even healthier and more fulfilling time together with your better-trained dog.

My Recommended (Scam Free) Courses For Training Your TM Dog

(The legendary) Ian Dunbar Academy
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (Mostly for advanced, more expensive)