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Non-Toxic Mastiff Care | Healthy Dog Shampoos For Tibetan Dogs

dos and don'ts in using dog shampoo

This article will reveal some of the malpractices and scams of the pet care industry.

How does the pet or dog care product industry thrive so well? Because there are always variants of brands that will be ‘claiming’ to offer you the same quality of service at a lower price.

Note the word ‘claiming.’ Anyone can claim any standard of quality. Unfortunately, not many know the grooming, skincare, and food products to choose from. Continue to read if you want to get a glimpse of the truth about these claims that are designed to fool you. 

Tibetan Mastiff Care Products Free From Chemicals

Did you know you even have to worry about chemical ingredients that can harm your doggy? Yes, I’m not joking around.

Nearly everything your dog uses can be harmful, unless you watch out. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Puppy Organic Treats

Formaldehyde And Parabens In Most Dog Shampoos

Some q Synthetic preservatives like Parabens and Formaldehyde are used to prevent microbe growth. Yes, they cause harm to your pet’s body. But again, they are still included in dog grooming products. Things just get murkier, as you will see below.

Sulfates in Foamy Pet Shampoos

Want to give your TM Dog a good bath? Take a look at your dog’s shampoo. You probably have Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in it, which produces the typical foamy property of shampoos.

Here is the thing though – ‘foamy’ does not mean ‘cleaner.’ SLS is well known to cause extremely dry skin pores in dogs.

Ethanolamines In Dog Schampoo

You simply have ethanolamines in the shampoo – for their foaming and texture forming properties. This, even though chemicals break down into nitrogen and form harmful compounds, which are carcinogenic to the dog.

Yes, these chemicals can deeply affect the health of your dog as several studies point out; there is no question to that.
Healthy Mastiff Care

Tibetan Mastiff Allergy Due To Shampoo Use

Some other ingredients are normally added to shampoos.
They may not cause severe effects on your dog’s body, like ethanolamines or preservatives. But they can produce allergic reactions and irritation.

The big businesses involved in dog products and animal ‘care’ know about it all, yet they continue to add such ingredients in grooming products.

Is This Mastiff Care And Healthy Dog Maintenance?!

Why? Because they see there is a market for it.
And there are plenty of these fake – or even dangerous – products that you can buy.
  • Isothiazolinone preservatives, which can cause skin irritation.
  • Artificial fragrances.
  • Pharmaceutically blended mineral oils that can be labeled as ‘Organic’ and are popular malpractice.
  • Ammonia containing and releasing chemicals.

How To Give Your Tibetan Mastiff Healthy Dog Care

  • Read and research the product online, and on dedicated pet help forums. Get their honest reviews. However, you can’t trust everyone. Most are unaware of these issues. 
  • Carefully check the label of the products. The brand needs to mention on the label the kind of ingredients produced – like Formaldehyde for preservatives. In case the name of the ingredient is not given, and the concentration or strength is not mentioned, you might want to skip it.
  • Research about the regulatory requirements for pet grooming products for pet grooming products. Some governments around the world may actually try to protect you – especially in Europe – but you do need to know what you’re buying too. It’s no one-way street here.
  • Learn more about how the chemicals and excipients added in animal grooming products show side effects on your pets. You want the best for your pet – we get it. But how hard are you trying?
Training Tibetan Mastiff

How To Choose Shampoo For A Tibetan Mastiff

Know the type of coat that your Tibetan Mastiff exhibits:

  • Puppy coat with a darker and warmer feature.
  • Wavy or wool-like coat with a thicker textured coat that easily gets tangled. Therefore, it requires regular brushing.

What’s the purpose of the Shampoo?

  • Sensitive skin
  • Allergies
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Fungal infection or bacterial infection
  • Dry skin
  • Dandruff control
  • Skin that gets easily tangled.

More Tips On Choosing The Right Shampoo For Tibetan Dogs

  • Removal of dust and dirt: 

What good is a shampoo if it can’t get rid of dust and dirt? Tibetan Mastiffs are long-haired pups. And you know what comes with that, right? Yes, more attention.

  • Removal of body oil: 
Dogs suffer from oily skin problems. Yes, they probably don’t get as irritated as humans, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother them, right?
You can’t compromise. Choose a shampoo that has the right amount of surfactants to clean up the body oil and doesn’t cause dry skin.
  • pH Balance: 

Did you know that you need a proper skin pH balance for your TMs health?

Forget that, and your TM wouldn’t look as great as before. Yes, you guessed it. It’s the pH balance that helps give the shine to your dog’s coat.

Many commercial brands – that do not have consideration for dogs in their hearts – may not buffer their shampoos properly. Surprise, surprise – your T Mastiff will not like the irritation.

Moisturizing Dog Shampoos

Now, the shampoos TM dogs use should contain emulsifiers or moisturizers which maintain the softness of the skin and hair. And also prevent the hair pores from drying out. Many low-quality shampoos and moisturizers do not provide adequate soothing quality to the dog.

Artificial Pet Care Is Not For T Mastiffs

Avoid shampoos that are focused too much on artificial fragrances, dyes, and pharmaceutical grade oils. Yes, these don’t work.
Instead, they will cause damage to your pup. All those cheap or attractive looking shampoos and grooming products that you see? No, they may not be a good bet either.

Dr Bronner's Dog Shampoo For Your Mastiff (Recommended)

After scrutiny and personal testing, we judge that Dr Bronner’s shampoo is entirely free from harmful chemicals. I have personally used Dr. Bronner’s for a year, including on myself, and have found positive effects. 

Even though this video does not display any Tibetan Mastiffs, it may help you decide if this shampoo is for you. 

However, if your T Mastiff’s coat / skin tends to dry out, this shampoo might be a little bit too powerful. On the other hand, you can use Dr. Bronner’s extra mild soap. (I get no funding or affiliate commisions whatsoever for recommending this shampoo.)