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Hydrogen Peroxide for Dogs… and For You? A Little Known Healing Secret

hydrogen peroxide for dogs

What’s happening here? H2 O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) is supposed to be one toxic chemical that you should use sparingly. But now we find convincing research showing that it is one of the most beneficial therapeutic substances in the world IF using it accurately. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Article Overview

Disclaimer: We share opinions and research findings of other authors, and do not give health advice. Consult with your doctor or health practitioner to get health advice.

Overview of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid and is more viscous than water. The popular ways of using hydrogen peroxide are through intravenous injection, inhalation, topically, and orally.

It was first discovered in 1818 by Jacques Thenard. Hydrogen peroxide came to be while he was assessing the actions of numerous acids on barium peroxide. The acids included nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and hydrochloric acid.

Dating back to 1888, hydrogen peroxide gained ground for its anti-microbial, anti-infectious, and anti-tumor effects. It is not only effective but can also be administered on a low budget.

Cure For Illnesses

Cavanaugh and related studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide can serve as an effective cure for varieties of illnesses, stretching from minor ones like flu to severe ones such as cancer and mental illness.

The reason is that bacteria, tumor cells, and other unwanted elements in your blood or your dog can typically be destroyed by administering hydrogen peroxide therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide has also treated the following diseases and bacteria:

Treats acne
Improves oral hygiene
Gets rid of canker sores
Treats Diabetes type II
Treats Cystitis
Food allergies
Cluster headaches
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Cluster headaches
Ulcers & many others

Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide

According to research, most side effects of hydrogen peroxide occur as a result of high doses and misuse. They can also occur when H2 Ocauses a detoxification reaction at the beginning of the treatment, when harmful microorganisms are being expelled from the body.

Miracle Hydrogen Peroxide for Tibetan dogs

A Financial Threat Against Pharma Companies

Despite the large array of benefits that come with hydrogen peroxide, it has constantly received a backlash within the medical industry.

According to Madison Cavanaugh, the author of The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing virtually all diseases, “there are less than 500 doctors in the U.S who are courageous enough to use bio-oxidative therapies such as hydrogen peroxide in their medical practice.” However, in the Europe, where pharma companies have less influence, over 15.000 health practitioners have been using Hydrogen Peroxide for healing patients.

Cavanaugh (2008) means that one major reason for Hydrogen Peroxide rarely being used in established health practices in the USA is its negative economic impact on medical professionals. 

The ability of a significant number of people to "treat a plethora of diseases and ailments on their own will make the jobs of medical doctors and researchers unnecessary"

Cavanaugh (2008)

If the general population would have in-depth knowledge about the use of healing substances such as Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO and Chloride Dioxide, pharma companies would become less significant. In other words, they would make little or no income from a widespread utilization of these natural substances. A healthy population means near-zero income for the health industry.

So, the pharma companies and the health industry have no, or little, financial incentives to promote hydrogen peroxide. It would make you independent of their expensive patented drugs that suppress symptoms but rarely treat the root cause. Why lose business to make you healthy and independent from their drugs, the way hydrogen peroxide and DMSO does?

Additional Ways To Use H2O2 For Health And Longevity

It is little wonder that hydrogen peroxide has been deliberately ruled out from coursework in medical schools, especially in the USA.

You will agree that this type of negativity often creates a vicious circle, making it difficult to know what and who to trust. So, this article will shed some light on what you need to know about this substance.

Can hydrogen peroxide really cure varieties of illnesses? How can you use hydrogen peroxide for your TM dog? What are the risks of using it? What are the risks of NOT using hydrogen peroxide? Below, you get answers to these questions and many more.

Hydrogen Peroxide Successfully Treated Pneumonia

Hydrogen Peroxide has an interesting history with pneumonia. 

For example, I read from Cavanaugh’s book that during the First World War, some doctors administered intravenous injections of hydrogen peroxide for pneumonia patients. The therapy reduced the typical fatality rate of people suffering from pneumonia from 80% to 48%.

It Successfully Treated Bacterial Infections

I also read from Cavanaugh’s book that hydrogen peroxide can guard against the spread of bacterial infections.

In the 1940s, Father Richard Willhelm found that hydrogen peroxide is effective against bacterial infections. He also believed that it would treat more illnesses in the long run.

Hydrogen Peroxide Successfully Treated Tumors

Cavanaugh’s book provides convincing proof from documented cases in the 1950s that hydrogen peroxide can treat tumors. It was affirmed after Dr. Reginald Holman added the substance into the drinking water of rats that had cancerous tumors. The tumors vanished within fifteen to sixty days.

So, of course, Cavanaugh is a threat to some physicians (including big pharma companies) that are wary of coming to terms with the healing nature of hydrogen peroxide, which they cannot patent and use for profit.

I invite you to read Cavanaugh’s book and draw your own conclusions. 

hydrogen peroxide for Tibetan dogs

Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide On Tibetan Mastiff Dogs

In William Campbell Douglas II’s book, Dr. Haldone affirmed in 1919 that dissolved oxygen in the blood could form an integral treatment for infections. This is where hydrogen peroxide comes into play.

Hydrogen peroxide can eradicate diseases by releasing extra oxygen in the blood, thus delivering oxygen into the blood and organs where bacteria and viruses may reside, making life tough for those little critters. 

Now that you have got a basic idea of why hydrogen peroxide has become one of the healing miracles of all time (as Cavanaugh calls it), let’s dive into a few uses of the liquid.

Skunk bath
Inducing vomiting
Mouth hygiene
  • Skunk Bath: Hydrogen peroxide is useful for squirting an irritant liquid from a dog’s body. It is a crucial part of a skunk bath recipe.
  • Inducing Vomiting: If your dog ate something toxic, your vet might recommend a dose of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. This way, the poison will not be absorbed in the dog’s system.
  • Mouth Hygiene: You can utilize three percent of hydrogen peroxide solution as a mouthwash. It is also effective against cavities when paired with baking powder, being used as a tooth paste that actually is healthy, containing no fluoride content.

Instructions For Use Of H2O2 on TM Dogs

Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle - 3%

Hydrogen peroxide can be extremely dangerous if being used at too high concentrations. In other words, always make sure to dilute H2O2 appropriately. Always use food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide if taking it orally, on yourself or your TM dog.

  • Follow all instructions on the product package or use a reliable source that is based on Peer Reviewed research. If you have any questions, ask a vet.
  • Again, make sure to use accurate doses, especially if you bought H2 O higher than 3%. 
  • Make sure whether you bought food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide (for oral use).
  • Do not apply hydrogen peroxide over large areas of your dog’s skin.
  • Clean the affected part before use.
  • Facilitate the application with a swab or cotton wool.
  • Use as many times as suggested by a vet.
  • Additionally, 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used as mouth wash for both dogs and humans (normally, you should not swallow this mouth wash).
  • If you are using this product as a mouthwash for your dog, it would help to dilute it with an appropriate amount of distilled water.

Important: If you want to use H2 Oto clean your dog’s wound, it is important to dilute it with distilled water or saline. 

Dosage Guidelines

One general rule is that you should guard against using hydrogen peroxide with more than 3% concentration. Otherwise, you will stand the risk of causing a gastrointestinal lining on your dog’s part. However, you may buy H2 O2 in higher doses, but make sure that you dilute it accurately. Also, make sure to use food-grade hydrogen peroxide. 

Another factor to consider is the weight of the dog. It will influence the amount of dose.

What happens if your dog does not vomit from Hydrogen Peroxide?

You cannot force unconscious dogs to vomit. The reason is simple. They cannot swallow the hydrogen peroxide (Lowery, 2018).


Now that you got a basic overview of hydrogen peroxide, its uses, benefits, and side effects, perhaps have less reason to hold onto the negatives as long as you carefully follow instructions?

We invite you to read Madison Cavanaugh’s book ‘Secrets to healing virtually all diseases.” If that is too much of a stretch, perhaps you can spend a minute to do a YouTube search?

If you do, you might find out that there are numerous people, researchers, and health practitioners that are well-acquainted with the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen peroxide, and have used it in their daily practice (especially in Europe).  

Despite annoying the pharma companies, some of them had the courage to unravel what this substance have been doing for thousands of people. One of them is Cavanaugh (2008). Her book may give you great insights into the use of H2O2


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