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Healthy Tibetan Mastiff Diet? How To Find Healthy Dog Foods

Dog food brands in the market

You will find many unethical practitioners who make unregulated food products to make a quick buck. Some malpractice veterinarians will be recommending such products to their patients, and regulating agencies will turn a blind eye to such practices unless voices are raised.

There have been literal cases where thousands of domesticated cats and dogs suffered serious symptoms linked to an illness called Fanconi-like Syndrome, on the consumption of jerky pet treats. The FDA investigated this case, but only after mass voices were raised.

Healthy Food for Your Tibetan Dog?

A number of malpractises in the US dog food business, together with FDA and government coruption, has made it very difficult to sort out the good from the bad. Here are some suggestions that might help you. 

  • False Ingredient Data Value:

Okay, the pet food you always buy for your Yorkie contains a little bit of salt. How much, though? It’s a whole lot more than what you perceive to be.

Certain products contain more than 15% of fats. Not that all fats are bad, but try to keep track of the amout and type of fats your TM is consuming. 

  • Hocus Pocus:

Irregular claims that are not backed up by scientific studies. Does that ingredient really give your Tibetan a fine fur?

Healthy Dog Foods For T Mastiff Diet
  • Just Another Diet:

Diets that are claimed to be healthy for all kinds of breeds and dogs. But if your dog weighs 80 pounds and the food you are feeding it to is meant for a dog that weighs 10 pounds. Then how is it healthy?

  • Those Delightful Treats:

Yep, there is nothing like treat foods that your dog loves to feast on. But did you ever wonder what is in those foods that make your dog so crazy about it? And is it healthy for a Tibetan Mastiff?

  • The Labelling:

The label claims that the food is organically produced. But is it? There is a huge difference between USDA certified organic, organically produced, and natural food.

  • The Miracle Claims:

Food containing synthetic vitamins and amino acids that are claimed to be healthy for your dog. But again, do you know from what manufacturing processes they have been using?

  • Same pet food with different ingredients?

There is a difference between the ingredients of particular pet foods sold in the USA and the UK. Imagine that you buy a Mars bar in the US, then you buy a Mars bar in the UK and find out that the UK Mars bar has strikingly different ingredients.

Organic Food Packs - Mastiffs

Healthy Tibetan Mastiff Food Consumption, Or Not?

How do you know if a pet food product is healthy or not. The USFDA has some good advice.

  • Labels containing accurate information and data about side effects
  • The name of the product
  • Species or breed for which is it intended to
  • Quality Statement
  • Guaranteed Analysis for the minimum percentage of crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber

If you are living in the USA and want to more closely find the healthiest dog foods available, then we sincerely recommend the Petsumer Report