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TM Pups

Top Healthy Organic Treats For Tibetan Mastiffs

TM Recommended Food

Compare a Chihuahua with a Tibetan Mastiff – they’re both dogs, but one is shorter than the other one’s tail.

Those differences reflect on the size of the treats they can eat. Could you imagine giving a Mastiff a treat intended for a French poodle, or the other way round?

But it is not just a matter of size. Small dogs have smaller mouth sizes, smaller teeth, and different jaw strengths, which limits the options in terms of bite-size and softness/hardness.

Both small and big breeds, like TM, also have special nutritional needs. There’s a golden rule of treats that says that you should not give more than 10% of your dog’s total calory intake. In simple terms, it means that, no matter how much Bella likes treats, she shouldn’t eat them all day. But the calorie issue isn’t the same for all dog breeds.

Organic Dog Treat for Mastiff

The Best Treats For Big Dogs Like TMs

Big dogs are not only special because they have power and can protect you. They are also special because of the daily calories they need. Contrary to what we may think, larger dogs usually require – proportionally – less calories than the smaller ones. This is true also for Tibetan Mastiffs calory intake needs. 

That’s because large breeds have lower metabolic rates, unless they are puppies. Large breeds also have particular health concerns as they get older, so their diet should appoint those issues too.

In short: Your large TM can’t count calories by herself, so you should do it for her.

Calories In Dog Treats

Sadly, while dog food manufacturers must include calorie counts on their packages, dog treat manufacturers don’t. So it’s not easy to figure out how much you’re fattening your pup.

If you don’t want to make your dog gain weight and even become obese, you should be careful with the calories it ingests through the treats you feed it. Some treats provide a lot of calories, which doesn’t mean they’re bad. But if your dog doesn’t burn them up by walking, running, or playing, it could easily become obese.

So, you need to know how many calories your dog needs – which depends on many factors, including age, weight, daily routine, body condition, if it is neutered, and so on. There’s a daily dog nutrition and calorie calculator you can use to get an idea, but it will probably be better to ask your trusted vet.

Healthy Organic Tibetan Mastiff Treats

T Mastiff Organic Dog Treats

You may also want to check out organic dog treats on Etsy to find healthy treats. Many sellers list the calories for each item, and you can see reviews from other buyers too to see what they think.

Once you know how many calories your dog needs, some simple calculations will be enough to figure out – following the 10% rule – to discover how many treats you can feed it per day.
So, you already ruled out the calorie problem. Now you need to focus on other aspects of the treats you feed it. First of all, you should pick some good organic dog treats for small dogs that won’t do any harm to your tiny pooch.

Healthiest Treats For Tibetan Dogs

An organic treat is made mostly of organic ingredients, which means you won’t be feeding your big pet any chemical, genetically modified, or synthetic stuff that could be unhealthy. For example, you can find in Amazon Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Recipe dog cookies, which are made of free-range chicken and other organic ingredients and have only 8 calories per treat. This can make a good training treat. 

TMs are powerful chewers, so they will usually break the treat. And then it’s probable that they swallow a large chunk that could get stuck in the back of its mouth. It means that when you look for organic dog treats, you should also consider how hard they could be for your Mastiff to chew them. 

Dental Treats For Bad Breath

Besides making your pet happy, treats are also useful for other purposes, such as preventing gum disease, bad breath and teeth problems. If your pooch suffers from any of those problems, you might want to look for the best dental treats for small dogs. It’s a fact that dogs that chew a lot have less plaque build-up. You can notice by the color of their teeth. So by picking good dog dental treats for your big furry friend, you can help it avoid those problems.

If your doggie is used to the best, it may like gourmet dog treats. The “gourmet” term here tells us only that the treats are made with high quality, usually human-grade ingredients, and in small quantities. However, this requires a dog owner with a relatively large budget. 

The use of high-quality ingredients in gourmet treats is a hint that they are not unhealthy. But there’s no guarantee of that because there is no standard qualification to define a treat as “gourmet” – as there is for the word “organic.”

Instead of buying expensive dental treats that often contain hidden less-than-healthy ingredients, you can simply serve some organic carrots to clean your TM dog’s teeth and give him a better breath.   

Furry Tibetan Mastiffs Treats - Organic

What Are The Best Natural Dog Treats?

Natural is not the same as organic. The difference  is important when you look for healthy, packaged treats for large dogs.

But you don’t need to search high and low to find the best natural dog treats for your four-legged friend, since you can find most ingredients to make the healthiest natural treats in your own kitchen. And the best part is you can slice those ingredients in chunks that are just the right size for its mouth.

Aside from the carrots we mentioned above, you can feel completely safe feeding it slices of apples, bananas, broccoli, or cooked sweet potatoes. Those are some of the best natural ingredients you can choose to make treats for your large dog (also, don’t forget treats made of organic meat).

But if you’re a busy person with an empty kitchen, you’ll probably save time buying treats that you take from the bag and feed directly to your pup.
Training fish treat for dogs

Organic Dog Treats With Natural Ingredients Only

When browsing the shelves, look for treats made with all-natural ingredients, free from unnecessary additives – such as artificial colors or flavors, or added sugar – and preferably contain plenty of vitamins and proteins. Also preferable are natural dog treats that contain as few calories as possible.

You’ll find many options, such as soft, jerky, and crunchy. Pick the one that best fits your dog’s jaw size and strength. Soft treats for small dogs are best if your pooch is somewhat old, but if it’s still a pup, perhaps dog training treats are the way to go.

A training treat is like the paycheck you expect as a reward for doing a great job. Whenever dogs learn a new trick, they expect a tasteful treat. So it’s good to use special treats, different from their regular food while training your Tibetan Mastiff.

Does Your Pet Know What Is Best?

If you open your fridge and let your pet choose a treat, it will probably not pick the healthiest option, since it can easily get fooled by flavors and smells. So it’s your responsibility to choose a tasty treat that your dog would consider a reward for doing something good, but one that’s also the healthiest option.
Healthy Dog Training Treats For Every Owner

On a mission to give your dog a healthier life.