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TM Pups

Mastiff Growth Chart | Tibetan Mastiff Size And Growth

Your Tibetan Mastiff puppy will gain two to eight ounces per day during its first weeks. This growth will eventually lead to a gain of one to three pounds per week.
It can vary from pup to pup depending on many factors, including how large their litter is and how much milk they get from their mother.

Common Tibetan Mastiff Growth Curve

In their first months, Tibetan Mastiff puppies usually grow at a faster rate in height and length. Their weight will begin to increase after they turn one-year old.
As their muscle mass increases, you will start to notice the lean areas becoming more full. You might notice some parts of their bodies growing faster than others, so don’t be surprised if your Tibetan Mastiff appears unproportionate.

T. Mastiff Growth Chart

As you can see from our Tibetan Mastiff Growth Chart the TM can be described as a large breed of athletic dog, and can take over three years to reach their full-grown weight.
On average, the female Tibetan Mastiffs reach their final size in three to four years, and Males can take an additional year, or longer. Another blog mentions that the TM reaches adulthood at two years of age. However, we claim that the average TM is, again, maturing slowly, and usually reaches adulthood several years after they have passed the 2-year mark.
In comparison to most other breeds, it can take several years longer for TM puppies to be considered adult dogs.

Overweight Tibetan Mastiffs

Overweight TMs usually have a combination of dietary deficiencies and insufficient physical activity. Due to their lack of physical activity, they are more likely to become obese due to excessive food intake. An overweight Tibetan puppy may become obese as an adult dog. Because of that, you should carefully monitor your dog’s food intake. Especially be wary of hidden sugars and excessive carbohydrates in your pet’s food.

During the first two years of your puppy’s life, you should provide him with plenty of love, attention, proper shelter, socialization, and structured training. Do not expect your TM to grow up into a well-adjusted adult dog if you neglect him during this period of time. 

A properly maintained TM can live up to 15 years, and beyond. Proper nutrition, exercise, and constant social interaction will keep your Tibetan Mastiff healthy. Avoiding non-organic commercial dog foods, and instead serving organic meats and related ingredients that are natural for carnivores may add several years to your TMs life.

T Mastiff Length and Height

The Tibetan Mastiff is powerful because of its strength, character, and well-muscled body with an athletic build.
Male and female Tibetan Mastiffs differ in height, as well as their weight. Standing at least 26 inches above the shoulder, males are taller. Females, on the other hand, stand at least 24 inches at their shoulders.
Standing at least 26 inches above the shoulder, males are taller. Females, on the other hand, stand at least 24 inches at their shoulders. This can be compared with the breed’s overall length of 35 – 45 inches, with a standing height between of 28 – 36 inches.