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Green Roads CBD For Dogs Review | Top Tibetan Mastiff Hemp?

green roads CBD oil - 750 mg

Looking to try out Green Roads CBD drops on your favorite pet? Premium CBD has many health benefits and increases overall wellness. They offer organic hemp-derived CBD oil for small, medium, and large dogs, but are they trustworthy?

More importantly, is CBD safe for your pet? What issues can the CBD address? We answer these questions in our complete review of Green Roads CBD for dogs below.

CBD Oils - pharmacist formulated



Key Features

  • Green Roads CBD comes from organic hemp-derived using healthy MCT oils 
  • Broad-spectrum hemp-extracted cannabinoids with proven health benefits  
  • Potent 100% natural CBD
  • 0% THC
  • 0% artificial ingredients
  • 30% discount on your first order after subscribing with your email
Broad-spectrum CBD
100% natural CBD
0% THC
0% artificial ingredients
30% discount on first order
Green Roads CBD Gummie - 400mg

Products & Pricing

Green Roads offers a wide range of CBD products for humans and pets. We focus on CBD oil for dogs, which comes in three unique strengths. You can order CBD for small, medium, or large dogs. Here’s an overview of the products and their pricing: 

Green Roads Original - 10 MG/ML

CBD Drops for Large Dogs

This bottle of Green Roads CBD drops is formulated for large dogs (above 50 pounds), such as the Tibetan Mastiff. It features hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts and MCT oil for easy digestion. The formula is very potent and suits large dogs. It also features 20mg/ml CBD. Green Roads CBD for large dogs supports calmness and active aging for older dogs and reduces anxiety. The all-natural formula doesn’t have any coloring or taste enhancers, so some dogs may not like the taste. However, you can add drops to treats and meals. 

CBD Drops for Medium Dogs

The CBD drops for medium dogs are for pets weighing 15 to 50 pounds and feature 7mg/ml all-natural American-produced CBD. It is great for joint support, relaxation, and overall wellness. The formula is also organic and doesn’t feature any soy or gluten. Green Roads CBD for medium dogs is formulated by pharmacists and independently tested in a lab. The drops don’t feature artificial colors and are extracted using CO2 and MCT oils. It is easy to digest, and the high concentration per ml offers perfect potency for medium dogs. 

CBD Drops for Small Tibetan Mastiff Pups

If you have a dog less than 15 pounds, the Green Roads CBD drops for small dogs contain the ideal concentration of premium-grade CBD for your pet. It is the same formula for medium and large dogs, so you’ll get the same quality cannabinoids, MCT oils, and hemp seed oil. The only difference is in CBD concentration. Small dog drops contain 2mg/ml, which suits small dogs and can also be given to cats. No THC, flavoring, or coloring is present in the formula, so you can trust it to be safe and potent. 

Green Roads Fruit Bites, Drop, and Cream

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog

CBD dosage calculation can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have more than one dog. As a standard, you should give your dog 0.25mg/kg, so if you have a 60 pound (27kg) Tibetan dog, it needs no more than 6.75mg CBD per day.  The standard mg/kg can vary depending on the dog’s size, ailments, and factors like CBD tolerance and delivery mode. For example, an older dog may experience the benefits of CBD much faster than a young, agile dog. Pets with chronic conditions and pain will also require a higher dosage. 

Here are some tips for determining the correct CBD oil dosage for your dog:

1. Choose The Right Options

Green Roads has three unique products for small, medium, and large dogs. First, make sure you weigh your dog and choose the right option for its size. Large dog doses feature higher concentrations of CBD per ml.

2. Calculate CBD Per Serving

With Green Roads CBD, you don’t have to work out the math. The bottle is sufficiently labeled, so you can quickly identify how much CBD is in each drop. For instance, small dog drops offer 2mg/ml, and one drop is 1ml. To calculate how much your dog needs, use the standard vet recommendation of 1-2mg for every 10 pounds of weight. Note that different products/brands often feature varying concentrations of CBD. The maximum recommended dose is 20mg per day.

3. Determine the Frequency

As a general rule of thumb, you should serve CBD twice a day without exceeding the maximum dose. You can also offer CBD after every 8 hours, depending on your dog’s condition and tolerance. We recommend starting with low doses less frequently. 

Low vs. Medium vs. High Dose CBD For Dogs

You should introduce low amounts of CBD and work up the dosage as necessary. We recommend contacting Green Roads vets and the pharmacist with details about your dog to help you determine the correct dosage. Each pet has different needs, reactions, and tolerance. 

Low-dose CBD often refers to less than 1mg CBD per day. The standard dosage is 1-2mg CBD per 10lbs, while 20mg per day is the highest recommended dose. We recommend following your vet’s advice because they better understand your dog and its medical history. 

Which CBD Format Suits My Dog?

Green Roads has one CBD format; CBD oil. You can administer it using a dropper or add it to meals and treats. Meals can slow down the metabolism process, resulting in delayed effects. You can find other reputable brands with CBD chews, treats, food toppers, and soft gels.

What People Say About Green Roads CBD Formula for Dogs

Green Roads has a growing reputation as one of the most trustworthy CBD brands for humans, and the pet line also receives love from customers. Here’s a summary of what people say about CBD oil drops for dogs. 

Positive: “I gave my dog these drops after surgery to lessen her anxiety while not being able to participate in her regular activities. It worked really well!”

“These CBD Oils have my dog acting like she is a puppy again. She still has aches, but it is much more manageable. We have to remind her not to jump off of furniture and not overdo it.”

Negative: “My dog was more (not less) wound up, anxious/nervous, and easily startled while taking this product.” 

Our Verdict On Green Roads CBD For Dogs

9.6 of 10
  • Green Roads seems to be one of the best CBD brands with all-natural hemp-extracted cannabinoids from America. 
  • The only drawback is that Green Roads doesn’t provide capsules, chews, treats, and other formats for dogs. These options are available for a few other brands, like ElleVet CBD for dogs
  • However, the formula delivers desirable effects and is highly potent, with no additives and flavorings.
  • The CBD oil offers a calming effect and supports dogs with joint/mobility issues and aging-related problems. 
Our verdict: "Green Roads CBD for dogs delivers highly potent CBD products with no flavorings or additives."