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Giant Tibetan Mastiff Car Issues – Get A TM Into The Car Or Not?

Three Tibetan Mastiffs In A Car

Do you wish you could just click your fingers and have your Tibetan Mastiff dog get into the car without having to be dragged or carried inside? All of these issues may be addressed with some time and effort on your part. 

Giant Tibetan Mastiff Getting Into Car Without Disturbing The Peace

If a Tibetan Mastiff dog is unable to enter a car on its own, pet owners will usually pick them up and help them. However, because the medium to giant breeds is significantly heavier than small breeds, lifting them is really not possible. 

When dealing with large dogs, the easiest thing to do is put their front feet on the car’s floor and hold their back end while pushing them up and guiding them into the vehicle. When lifting your Tibetan Mastiff into the vehicle, carefully support his hind end and avoid putting tension on his abdomen or back legs. 

Using A Pet Ramp Or Pet Stairs

The ideal approach to help a T Mastiff  into a car is to use a dog ramp/dog stair, which are specifically intended to assist dogs in getting into high trucks, automobiles, and SUVs. When looking for a dog ramp for your vehicle, keep the following aspects in mind while you shop:

  • MaterialsThe ramp must be strong enough to support your pet’s weight while remaining lightweight enough for you to carry it around. The dog ramp should be washed for sanitary reasons. To avoid injury, the surface should be made of nonslip material. 
  • WeightMany dogs may find it difficult to walk up a steeper ramp. A very long ramp that doesn’t fold up, on the other hand, implies you can’t really take it with you, defeating the point of having it. 
  • SpecificationsThe pet ramp must be heavy enough to keep your Tibetan dog from moving up and down while on it. Look for a ramp that’s sturdy enough to stay put while your pet uses it, but not so big that it’s difficult to put in or take out of your vehicle.

Another option is to invest in pet stairs. These stairs come in a variety of widths & heights and can be pushed up against your car, bed, sofa, or other non-reachable surfaces. Just like with the pet ramp, consider the overall specifications, their weight, and the material as you look for dog stairs. 

Most owners prefer to use a pet ramp instead of pet stairs since the climb is considerably easier for older animals or dogs with hip or elbow dysplasia like TMs. It can be difficult for some dogs to lift their legs to use pet stairs. 

Three Lion T Mastiffs In A Car

Trying To Get Into Car For The Vet

Having to deal with an injured or sick dog may be a terrifying experience for any dog owner. When your pet is in need of medical attention, your first goal should be to get them the care they require as soon as possible. But what if you are unable to lift your dog or they are afraid to visit the veterinarian?

The first step is to be prepared to go through this with your dog at his own pace. If you need to be in the vet’s clinic quickly, this isn’t the time to talk to him about the problem. Avoid moving an injured dog’s neck, head, or spine when transferring or transporting them. When carrying them to the car, keep their head level if they have been confused or frightened.

If you’re bringing a puppy in for regular check-ups, you might want to consider putting it in a crate so that both you and your dog are safe during the trip. This is because you never know what your dog is capable of, so even if he’s simply sitting in the passenger seat, he could suddenly take the steering wheel from you. 

The video below shows that you certainly can get a Tibetan Mastiff into a car and have a pleasant ride. 

Giant Dog Climbing In Car Challenges

A TikTok video that features a Tibetan Mastiff having trouble climbing up a car. This garnered a lot of reactions from the netizens and most of them find it funny and adorable. The TM climbing into the back of a vehicle weighs more than 300 lbs., according to the one who uploaded the video, who appears to only share videos of the exceptionally large pets.

Whether it’s due to their size or the vehicle we’re trying to get them into, these giant TMs can be difficult to transport when it’s time to go on a trip. The most challenging aspect of this process for many individuals is figuring out how to securely load a big dog into a car.  

The best way for transporting a dog into a car is determined only by its weight and size. When dealing with older, larger dogs, some individuals utilize ramps or stairs which can be very effective. Here’s some tips to help you lift your Tibetan Mastiff to your vehicle: 

  • Their front paws should be on the car seat.
  • Reach around the dog’s hind end and lift it up.
  • Keep your dog in the back seats until he settles down.