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TM Pups

Georgia Tibetan Dog Photos | USA T Mastiff Gallery

Below, we present a couple of Tibetan Mastiff photos from Georgia. We appreciate that you took the time to send them to the website. Also, we enjoy the work of the original founders of this website who took the time to upload the images for your inspiration. 

T Mastiff Georgia
Kyrie 4 yrs
Black TM In Georgia
Ivan M 10yrs

The new version of the website carries on where the old owners left. One main difference is that we focus on a big vision to give TMs and other dogs a longer and healthier life. The US pet food industry is highly corrupted, at the cost of your pet. We must do something about this, and are working on a solution to help you find truly healthy dog foods. 

In the 1950’s, dogs in the USA lived almost twice as long as today. What do you think is the reason?