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TM Pups

United States T Mastiff Gallery | Pennsylvania Tibetan Dog Photos

Tibetan Mastiff owners in Pennsylvania sent some images to this website, and we truly appreciate it! To celebrate old memories, and the original owners and founders of this website, we have kept a few of this images as thumbnails. 

TM Sirius Pennsylvania
Puppy Sirius - Gallery
T Mastiff Gallery Pennsylvania

Welcome to visit the homepage to find out the new mission of this website. In addition to help people find breeders and new puppies world-wide, we focus on helping TMs and other dogs to live a longer and healthier life. 

If dog owners were more aware of the manipulations going on in the pet food industry, tens of thousands of dogs would live a longer and healthier life. Let’s create a positive change! Let’s feed our dogs healthy foods that doesn’t kill them but make them live a healthier life, the way nature intended.