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Are You Being Fooled By Your Pet Food Manufacturer Without Even Knowing It?

Check if your dog food is safe

    “Will this help over 50 million American dog owners see through the Lies of the pet food industry AND increase the life expectancy of your TM dog by 2-3 years?”

    Our 12 Health Scores instantly indicate if your pet food is Safe or Unsafe.


    All ingredients (including supplements) are manufactured in a licensed human food facility. Manufactured to the same standards as human food. All ingredients are human edible.


    All ingredients are raw. May include raw foods that have been dehydrated.


    At least 99% of the ingredients are certified organic. No synthetics or antibiotics. Non-GMO.


    At least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic. No synthetics or antibiotics. Non-GMO.


    Over 70% of the product contains meats OR the first 3 ingredients are meats. Dogs are carnivores and naturally need a diet that is primarily based on meat.


    Contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).


    All ingredients (including supplements) are locally produced in the same country.


    All meats are based on animals that were being humanely raised.


    No ingredients (including supplements) are sourced from China.


    Contains no grains.


    Contains no artificials, antibiotics, fillers, preservatives, or synthetics.


    The manufacturer’s CEO or top staff has manually confirmed that our score is accurate for their product.

    What’s Your Dog Food Health Score?

    Check If Your Dog Food Is Safe: Instant Access

      What Pet Food Experts Say...

      about The US Pet Food Industry:

      “You are feeding sugar to your dog and you don’t know it. The number one best selling brand in the world (…) contains 51% sugar.”

      Rodney Habib-Dog Food Expert, TED talker, Social Media Influencer.



      “Intentionally creating a life for our dogs that is healthier and on a day to day basis continue to make wise lifestyle choices (…) could increase our dogs life span by at least 3-4 years.”

      Dr. Karen Becker – Veterinary & Dog Food Expert, Social media influencer.


      “Kibble is 75 times more likely to be contaminated by Salmonella than raw pet food. I will be continuing to feed my pets raw pet food.” 

      Dr. Andrew Jones – Veterinary & YouTube influencer.

      Claim Access Before We Go Commercial

        Corporate pet food manipulation ends right here!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        We used a standardized template to ask each manufacturer to double-check the 12 health scores. By law, the manufacturer is required to provide us with honest information.

        However, nothing is ever 100% for sure accurate, no matter how hard we check facts. Because of that, we only share information and give our opinions. We never give health advice or suggest any specific purchase habits.

        We regularly double-check and update the 12 health scores. The health scores are based on (a) information we got directly from the manufacturers’ customer service or top staff and (b) online information, particularly from the manufacturers’ websites and chat services.


        Higher health score means higher likelihood that your pet food is (a) safe and (b) healthy for your TM dog.

        If an item has 12 of 12 health score, it normally means that the food is human grade, raw, over 99% certified organic, and non-GMO.

        It also means that the food contains over 70% meats, is locally produced, contains zero fillers, preservatives, antibiotics, or artificials, and nothing is sourced from China.

        However, things constantly change, and a company might alter their routines without informing us.

        We mainly cover the US dog food market. We also added a few dozens of the healthiest dog foods we could find internationally. We did this to give you more options.

        1. We hired an online team to browse the websites of each brand to check all 12 health scores.

        2. We asked the manufacturer’s customer service to double-check the 12 health scores.

        3. We regularly double-check and update the data.

        This is where the fun begins! You can change your purchasing habits and potentially increase the life expectancy of your dog in a matter of minutes.

        Simply sign up for one of our subscriptions and quickly filter out the food items with the highest health scores. 

        Give your Tibetan Mastiff a Longer & Healthier Life.




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        Statements given on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This website, and the services given on the website, share the opinions of researchers, pet food manufacturers, veterinarians, and other individuals engaged in the pet industry. As such, this website shares other people’s opinions and does not give any diet or health advice. This websites’ role giving information and opinions on products does not constitute an endorsement or approval of these products or any claim or statement used in promotion of these products.