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TM Pups


Two Brown Tibetan Mastiffs

Lion Tibetan Mastiff & TM Lion Dogs

A Tibetan Mastiff can easily be mistaken for a lion. Although the Mastiff’s heavy coat resembles that of a lion, they aren’t the same. About Lion Blood Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Mastiffs were considered status symbols among China’s elites during the peak of the TM obsession, because of their rareness and pure lineage. The breed’s voluminous, lion-like manes and …

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Before You Buy A Tibetan Mastiff | FAQ About Tibetan Dogs

Are off-lead activities with my Tibetan Mastiff ok? This breed is not advised for off-leash activities. Off-leash activities are extremely problematic and catastrophic at worst due to their independence and lack of attention to obedience commands. No matter how well you believe your Tibetan Mastiff is taught, shouting “COME” will not make much difference if …

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