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TM Pups

English Mastiff Bullmastiff vs Tibetan Mastiff

Giant Bullmastiff

Isn’t it important to have a good starting point when comparing dog breeds? To help you decide if the English Mastif Bullmastiff if for you, we created this article. 

English Bullmastiff vs Tibetan Mastiff – Similarities And Differences

The Tibetan dog and the English Bullmastiff are two dog breeds that are gaining popularity these days. Both are great and trustworthy security dogs with various odd character traits that are exciting to witness. These two breeds are worth considering if you have a strong preference for Mastiff dog breeds.

As one would anticipate from a Mastiff breed, the TM is a huge dog. He has various distinguishing characteristics that would make him easy to spot in a group of dogs. A wide, broad head, a set of deep-seated brown eyes, a fluffy, dense mane, a defined and square snout, cat-like paws, a well-proportioned body, and a curled fluffy tail are among his physical attributes. 

More About This Dog

Big English Bullmastiff Dog

The Bullmastiff is a huge, strong, powerful, and athletic breed. His chest is broad and muscular, his muzzle is small and black, his ears are dark-shaded, and his forelegs are straight. His tail’s length is medium and his rear legs are well-angulated. A few face wrinkles can be seen, which add to his intimidating appearance. 

The measurement of these two breeds is listed below: 

  • A male TM has a minimum height of inches and a weight of 90-160 lbs. 
  • Female TMs have a minimum height of 24 inches and a weight of 70-120 lbs. 
  • Male English Bullmastiffs are 25-27 inches tall and weigh 110-130 lbs. 
  • Female Bullmastiffs are 24-26 inches tall and weigh 100-120 lbs. 

Coat Colors

In addition, these breeds come in a variety of coat colors. 

  • Tibetan Mastiff’s coat colors are cream, black and tan, brown, black, red gold, blue-gray and tan, cream sable. 
  • There are just three natural colors available for the Bullmastiff’s coat: brindle, fawn, and red. 

Bullmastiff vs English Mastiff Temperament

Because of how tough it is to maintain such an independent dog; a TM is not suggested for new owners. He prefers to act independently and, no matter how close he is to his human, he will disobey his human’s directions. A significant shift in attitude will emerge if the owner is patient, tough, and consistent in his instruction. 

Due to his background as a guardian, he’ll be extremely territorial and attack if any intruder enters his owner’s house or territory. He’s apprehensive of strangers, so it’s best to socialize him when he’s still a puppy to teach him aggression control. 

More About The Temperament

The Bullmastiff’s powerful and serious appearance, on the other hand, must not prevent you from believing that he is also able to exhibit affection for his family. He’ll perform much better in a family with children who are old enough to understand how to effectively manage a huge dog. This dog enjoys being around people and would prefer to be by his owner’s side all of the time. 

This isn’t the friendliest of dogs when it comes to outsiders or other pets. His protective instinct is so strong that he immediately creates a huge barrier between himself and the other possible new friend. To teach him that interacting with others is okay, socialize him as a pup and continue to train him as an adult. 

Want To Find A Bull Mastiff For Sale Near You?

Brown English Bullmastiff

If you’re looking for some fo the greatest Bullmastiff breeders in America, this section will supply you with a few suggestions.

1. Lonely Creek Bullmastiffs

These breeders will ensure that your puppy is secure and safe once it has left, and all of their pups are microchipped in the event they get lost. They normally require a fenced yard and sufficient socialization when they are puppies. They send puppies to their new homes with puppy kits that include a blanket that smells like their mom to help them cope with being separated from her and also their littermates. 

2. Kampbell Kennels Bullmastiffs

The Bullmastiffs raised here are encircled by some of the most picturesque scenery in the south. Since 2008, Kampbell Kennels has been breeding Bullmastiffs and raising them as family members. They are friendly to strangers, so visitors should not be concerned. 

3. StoneBull Bullmastiffs

StoneBull Bullmastiffsfocus is on breeding and raising healthy pups that are true to the breed. They provide outstanding training for their dogs, including agility and obedience. 


Obviously, there’s really no such thing as a superior dog breed because each one is incomparable and unique. However, because neither the TM nor the Bullmastiff is suitable for everyone, you must decide which one best fits your lifestyle. Know your preferences and whether you can stay up with the requirements of a particular dog breed.