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DMSO For Dogs: The Dimethyl Sulfoxide Miracle Everybody Talks About

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Who would imagine that a mere tree product could become one of the most powerful therapeutic substances of all time? 

Amandha Vollmer – author of Healing With DMSO – gives convincing evidence showing that DMSO has reversed strokes, prevented and cured heart attacks and cancer, treated eye diseases that would have caused blindness, and reversed an array of inflammatory ailments in humans and dogs. With little or no negative side effects. 

The Book That Became A Threat To The Pharma Companies?

DMSO book by Vollmer

Disclaimer: We share research findings and other authors’ opinions, and do not give any health advice or express any own opinions. Consult with your doctor or health practitioner to get health advice. 

Table of Contents

DMSO book by Vollmer

Vollmer got a “cease and desist” shortly after publishing her book about DMSO. The book was published to help heal people and dogs in a safe and natural way. It seems that she got too much exposure! Allegedly, she became a threat to the predatory commercial forces that depend on you, or your TM dog, consuming drugs. Why would ‘They’ want you to get healthy by consuming natural substances that actually attack the root cause of ailments?

DMSO - A Threat To The Pharma Companies?

Vollmer points out that pharma companies have lobbied against DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide). The reason is that the amazing healing properties of DMSO is a threat to pharma companies who profit on people and pets NOT getting healthy. 

“One pill a day for the rest of your life”, seems to be the business ideal of the pharma companies. DMSO is thus a threat to them, since it is a natural healing substance that cannot be patented. 

According to Vollmer and a number of established health practitioners, DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a highly versatile natural substance with remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Successful DMSO Treatments

DMSO is a well researched substance, and Peer Reviewed scientifical litterature shows that DMSO has successfully prevented and treated a number of illnesses and ailments:

Stroke prevention and reversal
Heart attack prevention and treatment
DNA radiation damage treatment
Head injuries
Mental health
Hair growth
Inflammatory ailments
Aches and pains
Healing of wounds

According to Vollmer, the points mentioned above are proven successful treatments that have been applied in real-life cases. They are just a few examples of the use of DMSO for healing a human or a dog. 

Healing Properties Of DMSO

As already mentioned, Dimethyl Sulfoxide is regarded as a highly versatile substance with remarkable healing capacities. 

Increases nutrition absorption
Attacks anaerobic ("bad") viruses, parasites, and bacteria in the gut

This article seeks to allay some of the rumors and misinformation that is based on predatory commercialism. It will also walk you through some crucial facts to, hopefully, give you a more educated viewpoint on DMSO vs. patented drugs.


In line with Vollmer and many other researchers, Morton Walker, – author of DMSO Nature’s Healer – affirms that DMSO has numerous benefits. 


DMSO Reversing Stroke

DMSO can be applied on both humans and TM dogs. Contrary to common belief, DMSO can reduce inflammation in a matter of minutes. Similarly, the video below shows how a woman gets her stroke reversed by using DMSO. 

Potential Side Effects Of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Side effects occur as a natural detoxification process when beginning to use DMSO. These symptoms disappear after the body has detoxed. 

Use Pharma Quality 99,995% DMSO

However, you need to guard against DMSO products that are not prescribed by health providers or are not pharma quality 99,995%. Always use certified pharma quality 99,995% DMSO. The reason is simple:

Some non-prescription dimethyl sulfoxide products might contain chemicals, and are intended for some animals. These chemicals can produce side effects to human beings but they are not severe ones. 

dmso bottle for miracle

History of DMSO (Dimethyl Sulphoxide)

DMSO was extracted from a paper-making process and was first explored in the nineteenth century in Germany. Since then, dimethyl has gained momentum for its ability to transport small substances into the skin or other biological membranes without glitches.

Scientists have inquired into the potential benefits and risks of utilizing DMSO for the treatment of several health conditions. They found out that a combo of dimethyl sulfoxide and a few medical ingredients will go a long way in treating a vast array of ailments known to humankind. 

Dimethyl Sulfoxide comes from what is known as a ‘tree lignin.’ Just an aside, lignin is a significant component of a tree as it keeps the latter sturdy.

In accurate concentrations and doses, you can consume the substance via your mouth or apply it to your skin. A health professional can also inject DMSO intravenously into your veins or your dog’s.

You will typically find Dimethyl sulfoxide in the common foods you eat. These foods range from tomatoes, asparagus, milk to coffee. Dimethyl sulfoxide is known as the medicine of the people and for the people. It’s because of its organic and cost-effective nature.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has endorsed specific DMSO products for insertion into the bladder to reduce the symptoms of chronic bladder inflammation. 

Amandha Vollmer - Healing With DMSO

Other Uses of DMSO

Dimethyl sulfoxide has a proven track record for curing a vast amount of diseases of both humans and dogs. It is useful for:

  • Interstitial cystitis: DMSO is an FDA-approved medicine for the treatment of a bladder disease known as interstitial cystitis. Once dimethyl sulfoxide rinses your bladder, it minimizes the painful symptoms of interstitial cystitis.
  • Mental illness: A research in Chile has shown that DMSO is a useful penetration medium across the blood vessels that surrounds the central nervous system. Hence, it transports medicines effective against some forms of mental illness into the brain.
  • Antifungal Effect: Dimethyl sulfoxide controls the spread of the fungus. Some studies suggest that when paired with an antibiotic agent (griseofulvin), it can destroy ringworms.
  • Muscle Pain: It helps to relieve muscle pains. For example, DMSO is often used when football players get injured. DMSO may be sprayed on the inflamed area, and already after a few minutes, they are up and playing again. You have probably witnessed this many times when watching a football play on TV.  

Popular DMSO Products

How To Use DMSO For Dogs (Including T Mastiffs)

Using DMSO for dogs is a piece of cake for a vet that knows how to accurately use this healing substance.  

  • Avoid using synthetic materials when applying for the medicine. The reason is that DMSO may dissolve the material and absorb it into your dog’s body. You can ease application with swabs and forceps or a brush made of non-synthetic brush hair.  
  • It is recommendable to apply DMSO on your dog’s cleaned skin 
  • Do not mix with other medical ingredients without supervision of an expert. The reason is that DMSO “draws in”, blends with and amplifies the effect of other substances. That is why a clean skin is crucial.  

Important: Since DMSO easily absorbs what is on your dog’s skin, make sure that you have cleaned your dog thoroughly by using an all-organic shampoo or soap that contains no preservatives. So, make sure that your Tibetan Mastiff is really clean and dry.

Dosage Guidelines When Using DMSO On Dogs

As it is now, the dosage varies depending on how much you have diluted the substance. It would help to check the specific DMSO product’s label for dosage guidelines.  

  • However, one general rule is to clip the affected area before applying for the medicine. And make sure that it is clean.  
  • Another important rule is that you must consider the age and weight of the dog.  
  • Typically, you can use 2ml of every ten pounds of body weight.
  • However, you should make sure that you dilute the medicine with distilled water.
  • You could add it into wet food or blend it with juice, for example Aloe Vera with no preservatives.

However, it’d be best to work with a health professional or veterinarian when using higher doses.

DMSO Liquids For Your Tibetan Mastiff

DMSO gels and liquids are applied to the skin to relieve joint inflammation in dogs and horses. You can also use it to heal chronic injuries, especially from osteoarthritis.
Hence, DMSO liquid serves as an effective pain reliever for these forms of the condition.

What If My Dog Licks DMSO?

Dimethyl sulfoxide is not toxic to dogs. Since it can be taken by mouth, it doesn’t hurt if the dog licks it. However, it must be licked in moderate amounts.


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