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Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe For Dogs? The Miracle Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About

cds miracle cure

Andreas Kalcker (2021) provides convincing evidence that Chlorine Dioxide (CD) cured Malaria (100% cure rate), autism, several known forms of cancer, and an array of diseases most people believe are incurable. Is this hard for you to believe? Perhaps you want to be hypnotized by the pharma companies instead? 

Being deeply impressed by the convincing data presented in Mr. Kalcker’s book “Forbidden Health”, we choose to put our website at risk by sharing some of his controversial findings. 

Disclaimer: We share scientific findings and various author’s viewpoints but never give any health advice or provide any health claims or opinions. Consult with your doctor or health practitioner for health advice. 

A Book About Chlorine Dioxide That Threatens The Pharma Companies?

forbidden health book for dogs

Because of the strong proof of the remarkable healing properties of CD that Mr. Kalcker provides in his book “Forbidden Health”, it seems that he became a threat to the pharma companies that profit on people with chronic diseases. 

Think about it: From a financial perspective, why would ‘they’ want you, or your TM dog, to get healed? Why would they want you to discontinue the consumption of their prescription and non-prescription drugs?

What Has Chlorine Dioxide Cured?

When digging deeper into his book and related research data, we find strong evidence for the healing properties of Chlorine Dioxide:

Curing Malaria
Curing Autism
Curing Most Known Forms Of Cancer
Curing Multiple Sclerosis
Treating HIV/AIDS
Detoxifying Mercury and Other Heavy Metals
Treating Psoriasis
Treating Alzheimer's Disease
Curing schizophrenia
Treating/Curing An Array Of Other Diseases Conventional Wisdom Calls "Incurable"

Mercury And Aluminium In Vaccines Causing Alzheimer's

"...those who had five consecutive flu vaccinations between 1970 and 1980 (the years covered by the study) were ten times more likely to develop Alzeimer's than for those who received one or no vaccinations"

Andreas Kalcker in "Forbidden Health", page 182

It now becomes obvious why pharma companies seem so eager to terminate a wide use of Chloride Dioxide, and why they seem so eager to trash Mr. Kalcker’s reputation online. 

Pros Of Chloride Dioxide For Dogs And Humans

It is also used to disinfect surgical instruments, food, and dog (e.g. Tibetan Mastiffs) products.


Andreas Kalcker book for dogs

How Chlorine Dioxide Successfully Treated Malaria

This YouTube video (below) documents a Red Cross project carried out in a village in Uganda where 154 persons were treated with Malaria. Watch it before ‘they’ make sure it is being taken down! 

As you can see in the video, 143 of them returned within 24-48 hours after the first intake of a solution containing 18 drops of Chlorine Dioxide, showing that they were cured from Malaria. The remaining 11 individuals needed a second intake before they got fully cured. Result: 100% success rate. No indications of negative side effects. 

If this video gets more views, I believe it would somehow “disappear” from YouTube.

Red cross in Uganda

Additional Evidence That CD Cures “Incurable” Diseases

KAs already mentioned, Kalcker’s book (2021) provides strong proof from a number of case studies where he applied CD. Together with other researchers or health care practitioners, he witnessed the full recovery from diseases most of us believe are incurable 

According to the book, over 300 happy mothers have declared that their children were cured of autism. You find proof for this in the book and on social media.

So, of course, Kalcker is a threat to the Global Power Elite (including major pharma company owners), some of which work hard at getting more people diagnosed with autism to get increased state funding. That way they can fly first class and spend their nights at five-star hotels. You pay the bill! 

Exaggerations? Read the book and judge for yourself.  

Chlorine dioxide information
Part of the image retrieved from dentalhealth.oxyfresh.com

Overview of Chlorine Dioxide (CD)

Chlorine dioxide was discovered in 1814 by Sir Humphrey Davy. He produced the gas by pouring sulphuric acid (H2SO4) on potassium chlorate (KClO3).  It is similar to bleach commonly used to disinfect drinking water. CD is a chemical solution with the formula ClO2 that exists as yellowish-green gas above 11 °C, a reddish-brown liquid between 11 °C and −59 °C, and as bright orange crystals below −59 °C. 

CD is a solution that produces oxygen to your tissues and all body fluids, activating the mitochondria of cells which eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungi through a selective oxidation process in a brief period.

This is one of the key healing secrets of CD: It increases the supply of oxygen to the body. 

The Discovery Of MMS And The Cure Of Malaria 

Through an interview with Jim Humble, we realized that he had discovered a substance that cured Malaria and an array of diseases. Jim Humble created MMS (Miracle Mineral Substance), a disguised name given to chloride dioxide used in Africa to heal people from Malaria. (Again, watch the YouTube video that documents this.) 

A few years before the third millennium, a gold mining engineer, Jim Humble, led a prospecting expedition in Guyana, America rich in the South, to discover a precious commodity, gold.   

Jim Humble developed a non-polluting mining system to extract gold without using toxic mercury, the only process allowed. The jungle is 400 km from the nearest hospital. Several of the men who were part of his team contracted Malaria with no medications to treat it.  

WHO published an analysis stating how Malaria is a life-endangering disease. The affected men were desperate for help and pleaded with Jim to help them in any way possible. The only liquid substance with him was chlorine dioxide which they use as a disinfectant for water. 

They took a few drops he gave to them, and four hours after, they showed no symptoms of Malaria anymore. He went in search of gold and found health.  

Use Chlorine Dioxide Instead Of Chlorine For Sanitizing Water?

You can use Chlorine Dioxide to clean wounds, as mouthwash, sanitize wipes, and odor eliminations. According to Kalcker, Chlorine Dioxide would also be a healthier alternative to Chlorine for sanitizing water.  

Is Sodium Benzoate Safe?

According to Kalcker (2021), Sodium Benzoate is recognized as safe if using it in the proper dosages, and you can use it as an antimicrobial agent. 

You can also use it as a flavoring agent in food with maximum usage of 0.1%. When used as a preservative in feed, it is also recognized as safe. You can use its medicine to treat high blood ammonia levels and other conditions, including schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

chlorine dioxide solution - miracle cure

Uses of Chlorine Dioxide for dogs (Including T Mastiffs)

In Andreas Kalcker’s (2021) book, I read that he had bought the substance and used his sick old dog as the specimen.

He confirmed that the substance smelled like bleach. The sick old dog used it, and it ran around the garden the following day all hale and hearty. 

Dog products with Chlorine Dioxide

  • Odor eliminator 
  • Ear cleaning removal 
  • Paw sanitizing wipes. 
  • Mouthwash
  • Water additive.
  • Dental formula 

Animal Chlorine Dioxide Dosage

For animal usage, the solution must be relatively less concentrated.
You will need to infuse the diluted dosage in bread scrambled with chorizo for dogs. 1 to 3 drops per day and for every 12 kg of weight.  However, consult verified protocols before applying CD or CDS on yourself or your pet  

Things to know about Sodium Benzoate:
Let us talk about sodium benzoate. You can use it as a preservative to prevent food from molding. 

It would help to keep our products shelf-stable for at least two years from the date of purchase and is used in concentrations of less than 0.5% by volume. You can use Sodium benzoate in pharmaceutical products for its antimicrobial properties, such as in the formulation of tablets, capsules, and cough syrup.  

Where can you order Chlorine Dioxide?

You can order CDS in the following online stores: 


Chlorine dioxide is an underrated and rather unknown disinfectant that, contrary to conventional wisdom, has proven to cure autism, Malaria, several forms of cancer, and an array of other diseases. It does so by eliminating parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause these diseases, without attacking the natural intestinal flora.

Additionally, it does improve your dental health, and the same goes for your Tibetan Mastiff dog.

As you can see, few substances have more healing applications than Chlorine Dioxide. So you now have the opportunity to find out the truth about this matter by reading Kalcker’s book or at least searching YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CD, CDS, And MMS

Which is better, CDS or MMS?

CDS is more eligible for healing severe diseases, and we can say that a body condones more chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS without unhealthy side effects.   

MMS can cause an impact with gastric juices, increasing the concentration of gas in some cases from 5 ppm to 45 ppm depending on the person.   

CDS does not react in the stomach with acids from two digestives.  

It follows that both CDS and MMS can be used for cutaneous applications, although the MMS takes longer to evaporate, so it is more effective.  

Is MMS a prohibited substance?

MMS / CDS is not a prohibited substance, as they have been used for drinking water treatment since 1944.

How many drops of MMS are equal to 1 ml of CDS?

In precept, we could affirm that 1 ml of CDS approximates weight to about three drops of MMS 

This theory is not correct because it depends on how it is applied. It always relies on the degree of acidity of the gastric juices of each person.

Is Sodium Chlorite the same as Hypochlorite?

Sodium Chlorite and Hypochlorite are not the same, i.e., hey are two different substances.

Does Chlorine Dioxide affect the metal valve of the heart?

In Andreas Kalcker’s book, there are cases of controlled intakes of MMS in a dose of six to eight drops daily, and there was no adverse effect.  

Although you must bear in mind that when taking Sintrom –warfarin–, the necessary dose may be somewhat lower to obtain the optimal value. 

Are CDS compatible with natural treatments?

During recent years, outstanding synergies have been observed with herbal, homeopathic, and alternative medicine treatments in general.

Is Chlorine Dioxide or MMS capable of killing parasites? Cough?

Yes, Chlorine Dioxide normally kills parasites that may cause disease in humans or dogs, including chronic diseases that many believe, are incurable. MMS kills single-celled or tiny parasites. It cannot handle large multicellular parasites such as Ascaris.  

How long should I take CDS?

In principle, until you feel cured.  The important thing is to char your body and not act mechanically.  

How many CDS should I take?

Carefully follow the protocols in Andreas Kalcker’s book or his website. However, you can increase or decrease the dose individually as needed.   

Do CDS affect blood pressure?

CDS seems to eradicate the cause of hypertension and hypotension.  

How long can CDS last?

It all depends on the container for storage and temperature. It can stay as long as six months if you store it in a glass container at a 5° temperature.  

Metal plugs or rubber test tubes are prohibited. Once opened, you must keep it in a refrigerator.  

It is essential to know that CDS loses gas if not filled to the top, the same as a soda bottle opened and closed again.  

Can CDS be transported?

With a temperature below 60°, the CDS is safe to be transported as long as it is tightly closed and filled to the brim. However, its concentration should not exceed 3000 ppm for protection reasons.

Does CDS expire?

It doesn’t expire but concentration would be lost.

How much CDS is recommended for children?

In standard cases, for up to 20 years of age, 1 ml of CDS 3000 ppm per year of age is diluted in water. Moreover, you can slightly increase the dosage in acute or severe cases.  

Observe that this article only shares information gathered from sources we deem to be as reliable as possible. We do not provide any health advice, recommendations, or own opinions. Check with your doctor or veterinarian before using CD, CDS, or MMS. 


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