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TM Pups

Buy or Adopt a Tibetan Puppy ? Mastiff Dog Care

Appropriate Mastiff Dog Care

TMs may not be the most popular breed. This means that it might take time to find one.

If you are looking to raise a Tibetan Mastiff puppy from scratch, it is a good idea to buy from a breeder. However, due to the rise in uncertified breeders looking for the money, it’s important to be cautious when purchasing from breeders.

It’s best to research before buying a Tibetan Mastiff directly from a breeder. There are many unqualified breeders out there who want to make a quick buck.

Buy a Tibetan Mastiff

Due to breeder fees, buying a Tibetan Mastiff can be more expensive. Be sure to purchase from a reliable breeder.

Responsible breeders should have all documentation, so keep an eye out for these certificates. Ask to see the certifications to help you being aware of licenses and any underlying medical conditions that may need immediate or future attention.

Certificate from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation, CERF to prove that the Tibetan Mastiff has no eye disease. To ensure that the certificate is valid, please verify the date.

To confirm that the dog is healthy, an Orthopedic Foundation of America certificate can be obtained.

It is important to only buy from a trusted breeder who has all documentation. If you fail to do this, your Tibetan puppy could have underlying medical issues.

How to Adopt a Tibetan Mastiff

You will need to find a Tibetan Mastiff rescue and complete the required paperwork in order to adopt one. To ensure the dog’s health and safety, an inspection will be conducted.

Consult shelters and rescue groups near you to find the best and easiest way to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff. Luckily, several trusted sites focus on TMs.

Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, for example, focuses exclusively on Tibetan Mastiffs for adoption. They can direct you to rescues that are in your vicinity even though they may not always be available.

You can also look into public animal shelters or humane societies for Tibetan adult or puppy Mastiffs.

Should I Adopt or Purchase?

To buy Tibetan Mastiff puppies through adoption is a wonderful way to help dogs in need. If you are willing to bring an adult dog home, this adoption option may be for you. You may even skip the foundational training phase as you will be adopting an adult dog. If you are lucky enough to find a puppy in a shelter, you will need to train it. This is particularly important for the Mastiff breed.

Your preferences should guide your decision about whether to adopt or buy a Tibetan Mastiff. You have more control over the age of your dog by buying it. If you purchase a puppy, however, it is worth spending a lot of money, since this is an expensive breed.

Buy a Tibetan Mastiff From a Dog Breeder – Suggestions

  • Meet the breeder. This will allow you to tour the place and make notes on how the puppies, their littermates and their mother are treated. The ideal breeding area should be free of odors and large enough to support the needs of the dogs.
  • Ask to meet the parents. It is vital to see the parents of your litter. You can get a glimpse at how your pup will develop by seeing the parents. You can learn more about the breeder by checking on the health and appearance of the parents.
  • Ask to see the Tibetan Mastiff’s medical history. Responsible breeders should always have all relevant documentation on hand. A good breeder will not only provide you with the OFA and CERF certificates but also tell you about any underlying medical conditions. If the breeder refuses to provide all documentation, you should reconsider where to buy your dog. 

How to Prepare for a New Mastiff

  • Make sure they have their own clothes. Your T Mastiff, as a new member of your family, will require their own personal items to get settled in. You should consider their age when choosing toys and supplies. You will need to buy them a collar and leash. If you have cats or other pets in your household, make sure that they are introduced gradually. 
  • It is important to prepare their space in advance. Tibetan Mastiffs love their space and are dominating. Although a puppy may not require much space initially, they might adapt to a new environment quicker if they have their own castle. Your pup should have a place to sleep or a comfortable space. To reduce aggression, you can at an early stage introduce other pets slowly to your pup.
  • Get started immediately. If they are not socialized soon enough, Tibetan Mastiffs can become territorial and cause a threat to visitors. You can start training them as soon as they arrive home. If you plan to adopt a Mastiff who is fully grown, you should tie him on a leash if you have guests. To be the leader of the pack, you must train consistently. If you are not the type to be involved in training, consider adopting an adult.

Food For Tibetan Mastiffs

Even though they are large, TM dogs eat relatively little. Don’t worry if your pet skips a meal. These giants only eat when they are hungry.

TMs have sensitive stomachs, so you need to be careful what you feed them. It is recommended to buy high-quality dog food. Avoid foods that are high in additives or preservatives, as these can cause reactions with your four-legged friend.

Is the Tibetan Mastiff Prone to Health Issues?
The T Mastiff is generally a healthy breed. A trusted breeder will be able to provide certification and indepth knowledge for your Tibetan puppy. Under those circumstances, you should not need to visit the veterinarian very often. However, this breed is susceptible to eye and hip issues. Generally speaking.

To keep your TM healthy, it can be a good idea to take your pet to the vet to have their hip, thyroid and elbow checked. A once-in-a-while ophthalmologist evaluation is also a good idea.

Exercising A Tibetan Dog

These large dogs are moderately interested in exercising. They are more interested in organized activities than playing fetch. They will be outside patrolling their territory, and you’ll most likely find them out walking.

TMs make excellent walking buddies. To avoid them overexerting themselves, it’s best to schedule their exercise.

Grooming Needs Of TM Dogs

About Tibetan Mastiff grooming, make sure to keep the TM coat clean and healthy. These are (usually) gentle giants with double coats need to be groomed regularly. The coat should be brushed with a long-handled pin brush or a slicker once or twice per week. You don’t have to bathe your TM if they aren’t very active. A good bath, once per week or twice per month, is enough.