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Old Mastiff Breeders Services & Kennel Advertisements

The TM breeder advertisements were created as a service to both breeders and the general public. Despite the fact that we were not a club with an all-encompassing mandatory code of practice, we felt a strong commitment to promoting the highest standards of ethical breeding. Breeders that voluntarily met the advertising requirements received the TM info Stamp of Excellence. This rating system was created to acknowledge people who followed correct breeding practices and dedicated their efforts to creating sound and healthy Tibetan Mastiffs.

We Are No Longer Listing Tibetan Mastiff Litters As Of 2018

However, it has lately come to our attention that there is confusion about the term “pending” when it comes to medical health checks. The word “pending” should be used to indicate to others that medical testing has already occurred prior to the advertised breeding. The breeder is only waiting for the legal paperwork to arrive in this case.

For instance, a dog was x-rayed for evidence of hip or elbow dysplasia and declared to be free of it. The status of “pending” essentially signifies that the official certification or preliminary results from the evaluating body, such as PENNHIP, OFA, OVC, and others, are on the way. Pending does not imply that a breeder intends to do medical testing at a later date after the advertised breeding has occurred.