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Do you have a quality male Tibetan Mastiff available for breeding?
While the Tibetan Mastiff breed is becoming better known, it will never be one of the most popular. That fact, along with the once yearly estrus timing and the vast distances from one dog to the next can all contribute to make it difficult for breeders to find accessible breeding quality males for their breeding programs.
Therefore, the stud dog announcement page is offered as a service to breeders and the TM community to promote diversity, to discourage bottleneck lines and the popular sire syndrome.
It is highly recommended that owners be guided/mentored by experienced breeders, and that their dogs be evaluated by experienced breeders and/or qualified show judges.

Please Heed Attention

We are not a club-affiliated organization with an all-encompassing mandatory code of practice but we still do feel a profound obligation to promote the highest standards of responsible breeding practices.
TM INFO can assure the public that dogs listed on the stud dog page have met with a basic criteria as it pertains to individual hip/elbow clearances. The intention of this criteria is solely to support healthy, sound stud dogs as potential contributors to the Tibetan Mastiff gene pool. It is, however, the obligation and responsibility of owners of both stud and bitch to provide their dogs with quality veterinarian care and to seek further and full health evaluations.
The onus of extensive pedigree research and any legal documentation deemed necessary also falls squarely on the shoulders of the owners. We encourage honest communication and complete disclosure between collaborating parties.

The following criteria is required to post a listing on the Available Stud Dogs Page:

II. Providing proof of registration for sire/dam of the litter
III. Providing proof of hip evaluation(Excellent, Good or Fair – PH at or below current median DI)
IV. Providing proof of elbow (Normal or Grade I) evaluation

While we do our best to be explicit, health criteria for the ad may be subject to change without notice as we evaluate emerging information concerning health issues that pertain to the Tibetan Mastiff Breed.

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The Announcement Includes The Following:

»»Announcement with one (1) photos and link to your website or email.
»»$5.00 for each additional photo or to update photo/text during course of ad
»»$25.00 for a slide show which allows you to post numerous photos and allows 3 updates during the course of the ad.
»»Ad will remain visible for 1 year

You may make a secure payment by credit or debit card via PayPal. This service is available whether or not you have your own PayPal account. Contact us below with any questions or the details for your ad and we will direct you where to send photos.

While the express purpose of the TMBRN is to promote responsible breeding, the TMBRN accepts no responsibility for any false statements made in any of the advertisements.

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