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Available Tibetan Mastiff Adoption | Mastiff Re-homing Vs. Rescuing

Adult Tibetan Dogs Re-Homing

Please note that there is a distinct difference between dogs in need of RESCUE and those that are made available for RE-HOMING. This listing is for available adult dogs or dogs in need of rehoming where time is not a factor.

Tibetan Mastiffs In Needing RESCUE Services

Dogs that are considered RESCUES are those in immediate need of adoption due to circumstance or time restrictions. These dogs are often dumped in kill/no kill shelters and/or are in dire situations. Dogs left in shelters often require immediate evaluation by volunteers and may be released and placed with a qualified rescue organization or in a temporary foster situation until an appropriate home can be found. 

It is most often the case that rescued dogs are free of charge except for reimbursement of such things as neutering/spaying, vaccination, associated travel costs and/or the responsibility of health issues. Because dogs in need of rescue have sometimes been raised under very specific conditions, abandoned, suffered abuse or bounced from home to home in a short period of time, there are often careful considerations involved in approving an appropriate placement.

Dog Adoption

For dogs needing adoption because of a RESCUE situation: please contact us so we can help point you in the right direction.
The following available dogs announcement page is offered as a service to breeders and owners.
If you must re-home your dog please do not wait until your situation escalates into an emergency before contacting someone for help. Waiting until you only have 24 hours to place your dog means that the good of the dog is not necessarily served.

T Mastiff RE-HOMING Candidates

There is no emergency or imperative need to find a home for the dogs that are available through re-homing and these dog are usually under the direct care of the owner or breeder. Dogs requiring re-homing may include (but are not limited to) older puppies, dogs that have been returned or relinquished to a breeder, mature dogs found unsuitable for a breeding program for various reasons or slightly older adults who are retired from a breeding program. These dogs may be raised in either a family or kennel setting. Available dogs may carry a cost or fee which is determined by the breeder. It can be expected that every adoption application will be subjected to a thorough screening process as is expected from every conscientious breeder who is placing a Tibetan Mastiff. Every re-homing should prove to be a special fit and it is expected that adoptive owners be advised and supported with information that is appropriate during the transition and re-locating process.


Dogs requiring re-homing may be under the care of a current owner who is willing to relinquish a companion. In order to ensure proper placement it is highly recommended that such an owner be under the direct guidance of an experienced TM breeder.
Those adopting a Tibetan Mastiff should also always seek the counsel of an experienced TM breeder or person who is knowledgeable about the TM breed.
Available Dog Directory ~ $20 for a period of 6 months. Add $5 for each additional dog in same announcement.

Announcement includes:

»»Two (2) photos per dog and link to your website or email.
»»$5.00 for each additional photo
»»$25.00 for a slide show which allows you to post numerous photos and allows 3 updates during the course of the ad.
»»Ad will remain visible for 6 months

General information needed to post pertinent information needed for your ad can be found in this Questionnaire:
You may make a secure payment by credit or debit card via PayPal. This service is available whether or not you have your own PayPal account. Contact us below with any questions or the details for your ad and we will direct you where to send photos.
While the express purpose of the TMBRN is to promote responsible breeding, the TMBRN accepts no responsibility for any false statements made in any of the advertisements.

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