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TM Pups

Tibetan Mastiff Puppies And Breeder’s Litter

The Tibetan Mastiff breed is primitive and has only one estrus per year, which occurs in the fall or early winter. This is when you’ll see the most litter announcements and available puppies.

Determining A Responsible TM Breeder

Many people, including those who are well-intentioned, view Tibetan Mastiff breeders as selfish, cruel, and evil. Breeders, they claim, confine dogs in filthy cages and force puppies out for income. Reputable breeders, on the other hand, are committed to their animals. They keep track of the puppies they sell for the rest of their lives and are passionate about the health and preservation of not only their own pups but the breed overall.

Below are just some of the ways to determine whether a breeder is responsible or not:

  • A responsible breeder has considerable knowledge of the breed they offer and has years of experience with it.
  • Responsible breeders are proud of their image as knowledgeable and helpful resource for dog owners. 
  • A responsible breeder considers the breed’s temperament, appearance, and history to guarantee that their dogs have the appropriate behavioral and physical characteristics. 
  • They aim to breed litters that will thrive in their career life, whether it’s exhibiting, working, hunting, or as pets. 
  • They ensure that puppies are properly socialized so that they can succeed in the show ring, in duty, or as a house pet.
  • Breeders that are responsible organize their litters and also provide medical assistance to both the mothers and the puppies. 
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Tibetan Mastiff Breeder Guidelines

The following are some of the guidelines to which the breeder must adhere:

I. Adhering to the Tibetan Mastiff Breeder’s Code of Ethics of either this site or the AKC (for US citizens). 
II. Providing proof of registration for sire/dam of the litter.
III. Providing proof of hip evaluation (Excellent, Good or Fair).
IV. Providing proof of elbow evaluation (Normal or Grade I).