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It’s a fact that dogs are the most significant aspect of our lives. As a result, it is our responsibility to keep up with the most up-to-date information accessible. Breeders and enthusiasts, on the other hand, should not believe everything they read – myths and false information are transmitted unknowingly, even on reliable sources!

Whether you run a dog breeding business or offer dog training, you’re probably always seeking for new methods to promote your services to the public in a way that maximizes your presence and generates a steady stream of prospects.

TMBRN/TM Info doesn’t only help prospective T Mastiff buyers but the breeders as well.

Below is an example of how your Kennel or breeding activity will be advertised.

2008/2009 Planned Tibetan Mastiff Breeding!​

Example of Breeders Of Tibetan Mastiff Litters
Call Name
Any information you would like to supply about the sire & dam, accomplishments, positive attributes etc.

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Kennel Name
Breeders Name

This breeder has earned the TMBRN Stamp of Excellence!
What are the particular difficulties I’ll face if I introduce a Tibetan Mastiff into my household? Would you be willing to talk to me about the Tibetan Mastiff’s personality and daily care? Containment, crate training, feeding, temperament, grooming, and exercise requirements are all topics that interest me.
What are the most frequent hereditary illnesses that this breed suffers from? What are the most prevalent health issues you’ve noticed in your lines of puppies?
Do you have a breeding strategy in place? Could you tell me about the health of the pedigrees you’ve chosen to breed on, as well as your long-term breeding goals?
Why did you decide to breed these two dogs this year?
What is the age of the puppies’ parents? If you know anything about the health & character of the grandparents and parents, please share it with me.
What kinds of medical exams do you provide your adult dogs before breeding them? While your veterinarian can offer a general medical opinion about the overall health of the parents of your puppies, I understand that veterinarians are not certified radiologists. They’re not qualified to offer more than an opinion concerning whether a dog has hip or elbow dysplasia. Please provide me with evidence of preliminary hip or elbow clearances from a recognized registry such as PennHip, OFA, OVC or equivalent from your country if your dogs are slightly younger than two years of age. Please provide me with final hip/elbow certifications from the same registries if your dogs are 24 months or older.
While I understand that a registered dog is not a guarantee of quality, are your dogs registered with a recognized registry such as the AKC? Does the puppy come with registration papers? (The AKC doesn’t guarantee the quality of any dog, only that the parents are purebred registered dogs.)
Are you raising the litter on your premises? May I arrange to visit your kennel/home to meet the dogs and the puppies when the puppies are old enough? What strategies do you use to socialize your puppies?
I understand that reputable breeders will not allow their puppies to leave prior to 8 weeks of age. In fact, in some countries such as the United States there are many states that have a law prohibiting the transfer of puppies before 8 weeks. At what age are puppies allowed to leave your home?
Can you tell me about the medical care you provide for the puppies? Can you speak to me about your vaccination and feeding protocols? Do you provide a puppy packet outlining such things as pedigree, veterinarian medical pamphlet, microchip/tattoo identification and management information.