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TM Pups

Breeders Services Brag Advertising And Mastiff Directory

We know that both breeders and owners are proud of their Tibetan Mastiffs’ accomplishments, so we’ve created a Brag Page where you may brag about your TM’s conformation, obedience, and behavioral evaluation results.

Welcome to the TMINFO Brag Page

Did your TM make his or her first appearance in the show ring and earn some points? A new champion, a Best of Breed winner, or a Group Winner? Or perhaps he won the prestigious Best In Show award? Is your T Mastiff certified as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC)? Do you and your TM participate in community service? Is he a therapy dog with a lot of success? Working together to promote the breed, support responsible ownership, and encourage training for excellent behavior is beneficial to all of these activities.

We are first in line to congratulate you!
Brag Directory ~ $20 Per Year

Announcement includes:

»»Announcement with one (1) photos and link to your website or email.
»»$5.00 for each additional photo or to update photo/text during course of ad
»»$25.00 for a slide show which allows you to post numerous photos and allows 3 updates during the course of the ad
»»Ad will remain visible for 1 year

You may make a secure payment by credit or debit card via PayPal. This service is available whether or not you have your own PayPal account. Contact us below with any questions or the details for your ad and we will direct you where to send photos.

While the express purpose of the TMBRN is to promote responsible breeding, the TMBRN accepts no responsibility for any false statements made in any of the advertisements.