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Brain Training for Dogs Review | Best Brainy Mastiff Training?

There are hundreds of training programs across the internet meant for dogs, but how many of them are genuine and helpful for you and your dog?
This article help you sort out the good from the bad:
We always have brilliant and experienced dog trainers like Karen Pryor, Doggy Dan, Cesar Millan, with their excellent courses.
But do they meet the standards you are looking for? Perhaps there is other courses better suited for your needs? Let’s find out below:

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

Some essential features of Brain Training for Dogs as claimed by the creator of the course:

Engages your dog on a mental level, providing it the necessary stimulation to enhance its intelligence. 

• Can’t understand why your dog behaves the way it does? Well then, this program is the solution for you as the creator, Adrienne claims to address the root cause of your dog’s problem behavior. 

• The principle and theories of the program are based on obedience training and positive reinforcement. It is a force-free program. 

• The creator of the program, Adrienne Farricelli, is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, having an experience of more than 10 years. Her work is also featured in USA Today, Every Dog magazine, and All Experts. 

• Most online programs can be misleading and ineffective, but this is not the case with Brain Training for Dogs, which has helped countless dogs and their guardians correct the behavior of their dogs. 

Best Brainy Mastiff Training Review

What are the issues that can be addressed through this course?

• Digging 
• Whining 
• Chewing 
• Excessive barking 
• Hyperactivity 
• Ignored commands 
• Potty training and impulse control. 

What is included?

Dog Training and courses 
• Puppy training 
• Dealing with behavioral problems 
• Adrienne’s Archives, which includes articles and videos 
• Case Studies 
• Forum on which the people who have purchased the program are active. If you have a doubt or problem following any particular section, drop a message, do not be surprised to find Adrienne clearing your doubts; yes, she is committed to her students. 

In what form is the information and knowledge of the program conveyed?

• The Main Dog Training Manual in PDF format, of 328 pages. 
• A complimentary 89 Page Dog Behavioral Training Manual. 
• 21 video tutorials will help you understand the behavioral problems of dogs and the root cause from which they arise. 

Does brain training for dogs work?

Okay, it’s review time. Do you wonder or think twice before purchasing an online course? You are not alone in it. 

So, are you wondering whether this program is credible or not?

Okay, we have read all the claims laid down by the program’s creator, but how does she guarantee that the methods in her program work? What is the science behind it? 

Adrienne Farricelli relies on the science of the neuroplasticity of the brain. (Okay, so what is neuroplasticity now? And how is it related to the brain?) 

• Plasticity is the ability of plastic to be molded into various shapes. So, are we saying that our brains are plastic now? No, we are not saying that, but that does sound hilarious, doesn’t it? 

• The point being made here is that human brains can be molded too, no, not physically molded, that would be ugly. Our brains can be molded and transformed according to change in behavior and habits. 

• Adrienne states that dog brains are the same; they can be molded the same way as human brains

• How is that possible? The same way, all that is needed is some good quality mental stimulation and training.  

• This program provides your dog the quality mental stimulation tools that are essential.

What does other people say about this course?

Brainy Mastiff pup

 “Dogs today are at odds with their mental health. They do not get to spend enough quality time with their guardians, which leads to a decline in mental health, anxiety, and boredom,” says Dr. J Coates, who is a veterinary advisor on PetMD. 

Following that review, she adds “Brain training for dogs is an effective program that trains dogs mentally and stimulates them intellectually.” 

• “Going through and adapting the techniques presented in Brain training for dogs towards my puppy has changed my approach to puppy training. It has improved my understanding of the behaviors of my puppy, and feel more confident in dealing with it.” Rosemary D, puppy owner. 

• “Previously, my dog used to bite me and jump on us at home unannounced, not only that, she used to bark at random stranger too when we went out. After introducing my dog, Heidi, to Brain training for dogs, she has stopped biting me; she has stopped her aggressive behavior towards strangers as well.” Katherine W, dog owner. 

So, we have a surprise for you, well, Adrienne has a surprise for you! She has designed a free e-book that includes some of the training principles that she has explained and utilized in her course. 

In addition, “The Airplane Game,” is designed to improve your dog’s ability to concentrate and pay attention, despite distraction. (You can have a quick sneak peek of it here.)

How can I stimulate my dog's brain?

According to the renowned course Brain Training for Dogs, you can stimulate your dogs brain in the following ways: 

Teach your dog some new tricks. 
• Get it a puzzle toy. 
• Take your dog out more, play fetch, play some other games that your dog will enjoy. 
• Hide your dog’s treat, make it work for its food. Your dog will find it rewarding, and its mental health will improve. 
• Obedience training and agility training. 
• Socialize your dog more with other dogs and humans. 
• Give your dog a new toy, switch it up a little.

  • Like “The Airplane Game” designed by Adrienne, follow suit by playing more such games with your dog. 

What are the pros and cons of Brain Training for Dogs?

Pros of Brain Training for dogs:

Backed by scientific theory
• Force-free training. 
• Utilizes positive reinforcement and obedience training completely. 
• Mentally stimulates your dog and challenges it intellectually. 
• Your dog’s behavioral problems regarding biting, jumping, barking, and impulse control will be solved
• Backed by qualified veterinarians and seasoned dog trainers. 
• Value for money, only $47 one-time charges. 
• Free bonus course, Behavior Training for Dogs. 
• 7 trick training videos for free

Cons of Brain training for dogs:

Book Review for Training a TM

The pdf guide is 328 pages, so you can find it a little challenging if you are not stoked on reading. 
• You will have to put in a lot of effort, but let us not see this as a con. How can we expect our dogs to change if we are not willing to put in the effort, right? 

This review is designed to make your understanding of the program more accessible and give you a better viewpoint of assessing the program’s perks over the other courses present online. 

Are you ready to finally see your dog behave in the way you wish for? 

Check if Brain Training for Dogs is still available. 

Author: Stefan Lo & Soubhik Chakrabarti