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Brain Training 4 Dogs | Reinforcement Mastiff Dog Training

Brain Training 4 Dogs Importance
Electronic training, coercive methods, and the dominance theory.
Are they effective? Of course, they are…

…but that depends on what you call ‘effective’. These methods have damaging effects on pets. Including Tibetan Mastiffs. 

For a long time, the only method men employed in training their pet companions was through force. Forceful and coercive dog training methods can be dated back to the world war era.

Konrad Most’s Coercion Method

The legend associated with the use of forceful training for dogs during this period was Konrad Most. 
Before the first world war, he trained dogs for the German police. He believed in the use of coercion in modifying behaviors and training dogs.
This method was employed in training military dogs during the first world war.
Dogs were treated as war tools rather than sentient animals.
Just imagine what those dogs must have gone through from their masters before facing the actual war. It must have felt like leaving one battlefield to another. Poor dogs!
One thing I learned from Adrienne’s brain training for dogs is; training your pup doesn’t require force or compulsion as many people believe.
Mental stimulation goes a long way to achieve desired results, correct behavioral problems, and train a physically fit and obedient dog.
Konrad Most and the German Army should have taken Adrienne’s course.
But that was not the end of the use of force.

The Use of Electronic Collars For Dog Training

In the 1960s, a more desperate means of applying force to train dogs emanated.
It was the use of electronic collars. And it gained more momentum as time passed.
Usually, the electronic collars were controlled remotely and activated whenever a dog misbehaved. For others, the collars responded to negative behaviors such as barking, whining, aggression, etc.
Surprisingly enough, as much as I find this method barbaric, a lot of people used this method in the 1960s, and some conventional dog trainers encourage it too.
Get this now:
The electronic training method is unhealthy for dogs. The shock affects the health and mental state of dogs.
A study recorded in the Plos One Journal to determine the consequences of training pet dogs with remote electronic training collars makes some interesting findings.
Some findings were: Dogs trained with e-collars yawned more, showed signs of tension, and were less interested in interacting.
The study made more findings showing that dog’s cortisol levels highly increased when stimulated without warning. The dogs also exhibited negative behavioral patterns after stimulation.
Terrifying, right?

Your pet becomes fearful and doesn’t trust you. 

Bottom line: Never torture and traumatize a pet to correct behavioral problems!

One reason I love Adrienne’s brain training for dogs course is; instead of destroying the psychology of your pet, it actually improves it.

And the best part?
You get to create a good relationship with your pet and a long-lasting bond by training a happy and healthy pet.

The Alpha Pack Dominance Method

The more conventional method that encourages the use of force is the Alpha-pack/dominance method. Rudolph Schenkel introduced this idea in the 1940s, but it became popular through the works of David Mech in 1960.
Maybe you have a friend or a neighbor that uses this method. I don’t recommend it.
Advocates for this method believe that dogs originate from wolves. There is an alpha that dominates the group.
Who is the alpha here? You, of course.
The parent is the alpha, and your canine pet must submit to you. So, your pet takes orders from you. Sounds like an obedient dog, right?

Get this now:

There is a difference between an obedient and a controlled dog. 
As the alpha male, what you do is control your dog.
This method deteriorates the relationship between you and your dog. Your dog sees you as a master instead of its parents and obeys you out of fear.
And there is really no dominance without force, violence, and abuse.
Is this really true?
One thing I noticed about pet parents that use this method is, they end up yelling at their dogs.
Do you want to play the yelling game with your dog?

Or would you go for brain training instead? 

After taking Adrienne Farricelli’s dog training course, I understood that it was possible to train dogs without using force.

This course teaches how to help you and your dog relate with each other out of love and mutual respect. So, when you tell your dog to sit, it’s not sitting out of fear but because it understands the word.
Reinforcement Mastiff Dog Training

Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dog’s Course

Adrienne’s course uses the science-based approach in interacting with dogs— It believes in understanding the psychology of dogs.

Hence, training becomes fun for your dog. I bet even you wouldn’t willingly participate in a game where you get punished. 

Remember those times you got awards for excelling in school. That motivated you, right? As a kid, you wanted to get more awards. So, you put in more effort into studying.
I think the same thing happens to our dogs.
It puts in efforts to being a good dog so it can receive rewards.
Moreover, punishments can trigger other negative reactions such as continuous bad behavior, fear, lack of trust, aggression, or even hatred.
Unlike coercive methods that help you train a puppet; this course helps in grooming an intelligent dog capable of making decisions on its own.
That sets it apart from other positive reinforcement methods like clicker training, because your dog plays mental games that help to improve its ability to think critically before making decisions. 
Apart from providing solutions to behavioral problems, this course also helps your pet overcome challenges and phobias that will be worsened by other methods.
Lastly, as earlier mentioned, Adrienne’s approach is aligned with the modern scientific research methods and principles of relating with pets.

Why do people still use these forceful training methods?

Many dog-trainers are dogmatic and are not open to trying out new training methods.
Prescott Breedon, an American dog trainer, explains that people are not open to this new scientific method because “it is threatening to their world-view.”
Some of these trainers don’t just care. They prefer these methods because they provide immediate results.
Isn’t training your pet with force unethical and unhealthy? Most pet parents who wanted them to eliminate negative behaviors in their dogs thought it was necessary.
Some genuinely believed it was the only way to achieve the greater good. And so, dogs suffered in silence.
But that has to end now!

Adrienne’s smart training for dog’s course yields results. Is it a magic solution to your dog’s behavioral problems? It’s not a magical solution. It is a practical, fun-filled, and effective solution that takes time and requires commitment. 

Learning is mostly boring, even for humans. But if going to school was all about playing fun games, I bet every human will have formal education.
Adrienne’s course provides a practical, and fun way of learning through 21 fun games that help in the mental stimulation of your pet.
Black Dog Training

Winner: The Brain Training Dogs’ Course

So, what have we learned so far?
If you have been using forceful methods to train your dog, stop now! You are hurting your pet. You can train a puppy through healthy and ethical means.
The good news is:
Adrienne’s course offers a healthy way to train your puppy or get rid of those annoying behaviors your doggie possesses. 
Grooming a happy, healthy, and obedient pup is up to you.