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Best Tibetan Mastiff Dog Food For Puppies & Adult Dogs

Best Adult Dog Food Brands
Mastiffs are very energy-efficient and will mostly use their energy when absolutely necessary. They still need to eat lots and have different needs at every stage of their lives.
The best dog food for Tibetan Mastiffs contains three essential nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. This applies regardless of age, as these nutrients are essential building blocks for a healthy dog. It is difficult to find the perfect dog food for every stage of life because it changes with their growth.

What Is The Best Tibetan Mastiff Dog Food?

Tibetan Mastiffs, which are large dogs, require a high-quality diet. They have larger organs and bodies that require well-balanced and complete nutrition. As sush, T Mastiffs need to eat high-quality food that contains key nutrients.

Organic salmon, meat, and eggs are excellent ingredients for mastiffs, as it has fatty acids that are good to the heart and contains lots of proteins. You can also include some (10%) organic vegetables, fruits, and yogurt in their diet. Yogurt adds flavor, and vitamins and probiotics can help strengthen the joints and overall health.

Best Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Food

As with adult dogs, puppies should be fed a balanced diet that includes the three main nutrients fat, protein, and carbohydrates. To ensure maximum nutrition density and health, protein, fat, and carbohydrates must be obtained from human food-grade animals.

Also, to avoid hidden sugars and other detriments, try to give your pup certified organic foods. Believe it or not, but in the USA you want to avoid the biggest brands alltogether, since they care more about your wallet than about the health of your puppy.

It may seem appealing to feed our Mastiffs a vegan diet. However, they eat meat naturally so this is not the best or healthiest diet. Dogs are unable to digest and absorb larger quantities of plant-based nutrients due to their genetic limitations. 

However, since dogs naturally eat some plants, and since they contain minerals and vitamins, it is helpful to include them in their diet (up to 10% of total amount of foods consumed).

Best Plant-Based Food For a Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

food for young Tibetan puppy
It is important that we ensure that any plant-based ingredients in the Mastiff’s diet do not cause allergies. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of plant-based ingredients in our Mastiff’s diet, up to 10%. Even then, dogs whose diets contain fibers greater than 5% may get digestive problems.

Fat Dog Food for Mastiff Adults And Puppies

Dogs need fats to fuel their bodies. However, remember that fats have twice as many calories per gram than carbohydrates and protein. Mastiffs that eat too much fat may gain weight to the point where they become obese. 

However, generally speaking you would prefer to serve your dog fatty meats rather than carbohydrates and dog foods that contain hidden sugars. This can lead to increased risk of developing heart disease and arthritis in Mastiff-type dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff Rewe Bio Food

Protein Rich Food For Tibetan Mastiffs

Protein is an essential nutrient for maintaining muscle mass and is the most important ingredient in dogs’ diets. For puppies and adult dogs, the minimum recommended protein content is 25%. Mastiffs, which are large and athletic dogs, will benefit from consuming more protein-rich foods. However expensive, commercial certified organic raw meat would be one of the healthiest options for your pup.


Carbohydrates are less important ingredients in Mastiff-types’ diets. In some cases, carbs contain important vitamins and fiber that aid in digestion. Whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal can be served in moderate quantities. They contain vitamins that help the body use absorbed fats, proteins and, yes, carbs.

Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and peas are great options for Mastiff-type dogs that are allergic to grains. However, remember that dogs, including Mastiffs, thoroughout the history have naturally been eating raw meat.

Tibetan Mastiff Food Size

Dogs’ diets should be tailored to suit their individual needs. Owners must calculate their dogs’ daily calorie requirements based on their weight from time to time. This information can be used to calculate how much food to give them each day and per meal.

Tibetan Mastiffs needs on average four balanced meals per day, each with 600 calories. Mastiff-type dogs that are heavier than average need four meals each with 1,000 calories.

These recommendations can be used as a general guide for Mastiff owners who prefer to feed their dogs healthy, homemade food. But please remember that your Mastiff’s apetite and need for nutrition may vary depending on day, season, age, level of activity, and on individual variations.

Healthy Foods For Tibetan Dogs

Dog owners who feed their pets factory-made dog food, while hoping that their mastiff-type dogs get the necessary nutrients, might find it easier to weigh the food by calories and not by cups.

However, factory-made foods manufactured by the biggest US brands usually is the least healthy alternative, since they are often depleted on nutritions and may contain hidden sugars.

Yet they are very proficient at making your dog’s food seem to be the healthiest alternative due to misleading advertising, photoshopped package images, and copywrite text that is designed to push your emotional buttons and make a purchase.

Dog owners who don’t pay attention to their pets’ nutrition will endanger their dogs’ quality of life and ability to live a happy, healthy, and long-lasting life. Factory-produced dog food often assumes dogs have the same diet as humans.

For example, some vet approved brands contain as much as 50% hidden sugars. A lot of refined sugars for the money!


What do you feed a Tibetan Mastiff?

Generally speaking, factory-produced pet food is of lesser quality than commercial and approved organic human-grade raw dog food that is free from salmonella.

From a health perspective can you only in exceptional cases use dry or canned dog food for growing your adult Tibetan Mastiffs. You may find fruits and vegetables appealing to your dog. However, these should not exceed 10 percent of the daily food intake.

Cooked eggs, raw fish and especially meat should be the nutritional foundation for your Mastiff. (The more organic, the better.)

What can my Mastiff eat?

Mastiffs should eat a pure meat-based diet. You can also add eggs, a little vegetables and fruits (up to 10% veggies and fruits). A puppy should consume at least 25% protein and 15% fat. As puppies grow rapidly, they require more protein than adults.

How much should a Tibetan Mastiff eat?

dog nutrition for pups

Mastifs had to hunt for food in their natural environment, so your dog will be prone to eat more on certain days than others. The dog’s age may dictate the type of food that is consumed.

Tibetan Mastiffs consume less than they would expect for their size. They eat only when they feel hungry and will often skip meals altogether.

If you must serve factory-produced dog food, then bear in mind that adults often need two to four cups of quality food per day.

Does Tibetan dogs eat meat?

A Tibetan Mastiff puppy’s ideal food should contain a high-quality animal-based protein. While whole meats are preferred, meat meals can also be a great foundation for a diet suitable for this breed.

Certified organic meats are more expensive but has higher nutrition density and do not contain antibiotics and other hidden components that are unnatural and unhealthy for your dog.

Can I feed my Mastiff raw meat?

Mastiffs usually love meat. Your mastiff can eat large amounts of raw meat as long as their stomachs have the enzymes to digest it (which they naturally have). You can also choose from chicken livers, eggs and mackerel as meat and protein options. Choose organic meat, if you have the budget.

Can I feed my Mastiff dog raw chicken?

Given the fact that many dog foods include chicken as an ingredient, it is safe to assume your dog can eat chicken. Raw chicken is discouraged by most sources due to the possibility of salmonella and bacterial infections. However, raw foods are on the rise, including raw chicken bones. Certified organic raw chicken is one of the healthiest options for your Mastiff.

Can T Mastiffs eat rice?

Dogs can gain weight by eating too many carbohydrates, just like humans. Commercially prepared dog food is high in carbohydrates. Don’t give your dog too many high-carb foods, such as rice. Rice is fine as long as your dog maintains a healthy weight. A little bit of rice may be included in your dog’s diet but should not be the main ingredient.

Can I feed my Mastiff eggs?

Eggs can be safely consumed by dogs. Eggs can also provide an additional source of nutrition to your dog. They are rich in protein, fatty acid, vitamins, and other nutrients that can be used to support your dog’s health.

Try to go for organic and locally produced eggs, if you can.

Are carrots good for Tibetan Mastiffs?

Both raw and cooked carrots can be healthy choices for dogs. They are a great addition to any meal. In other words, carrots are generally safe. However, you should cut up whole carrots or carrot sticks into small pieces before giving them to your dog. This will help prevent small dogs from choking. Also, carrots help keeping your dog’s teeth healthy, and give your pet a fresher breath.