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Best Organic Dog Treats For Your Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff Natural Treat

The Best Organic Dog Treats For A Tibetan Mastiff

Treats may mean a lot of things fr you and your Tibetan Mastiff: love, reward, satisfaction, the formation of good habits, and – obviously – food.

Those of us who adore our TMs always have a treat at hand to give them, don’t we? Either because they deserve it, or simply because we want to show them a little affection.

But what do dogs think about treats? For them, getting a treat is a small achievement in their constant search for nourishment. That’s why treats need also be good for them.
Not only to keep them busy for a while but also to clean their teeth, improve their breath – and to some extent – provide some nutrients that complement their food.

Top Organic Dog Treats 2022

Sure, treats make up a small percentage of your dog’s diet. But still, they need to be made of the highest quality ingredients to keep your Tibetan Mastiff at optimal health. 

So, the same effort we put into giving them the best of the best at mealtime, we should put into picking the best treats to keep them healthy. There are more and more pet owners that agree with this and are serious about choosing the best treats for their loved ones.
So, the same effort we put into giving them the best of the best at mealtime, we should put into picking the best treats to keep them healthy. There are more and more pet owners that agree with this and are serious about choosing the best treats for their loved ones.

What Dog Treats Are Killing Dogs?

Now, some treats are good for your TM dog’s health, but not all of them. The problem is the dangerous ones look very much like the good ones. Read the ingredient list – it’s going to help you know if it’s what you need to buy for your pet.

To begin with, don’t assume that anything that is on the pet shop shelves is safe for your pup. Even if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disapproves of a product, it takes time for it to be recalled. So don’t trust anything that is for sale, because it could be harmful to your pet.
Best Dog Treats For Tibetan Mastiff - Organic

Which Dog Treats Are Dangerous For Mastiffs?

Let’s start with rawhide. This treat is still sold in almost every pet shop, supermarket, and convenience store because unconscious pet owners still buy it. Your dog also loves it, but it may be the worst dog chew ever. Some pets choke with it, while some others require emergency surgery to get big chunks of rawhide from their organism.
Some dogs spend hours happily chewing rawhide with no problems at all. Even if they don’t choke on it or swallow big chunks of it, this treat can cause problems in the long run. Dogs that eat rawhide could develop health complications due to the processes that undergo rawhide bones. They include a lot of potentially toxic substances, such as glue, that can be disastrous for your pet’s digestive system.

Don’t Easily Trust Jerky Treats, Even Those Made In The USA

Thousands of dogs got sick, and lots of them died because of unhealthy jerky treats imported from China since the FDA began investigating this kind of treat in 2007.

Jerky treats were reported to cause Fanconi Syndrome in many dogs (FLS), a rare kidney disease. Even Petsmart and Petco – both companies that care more for the bucks than your pets’ health – stopped supplying this treat because of the health problems they cause.

But they are still sold online and in many pet stores, with a label that claims “made in the USA” but gives no guarantee that the product is safe. Most of the ingredients contain different toxins that will surely harm your dog.

Milkbones Is A Healthy Treat? Maybe Not...

Rodney Habib, founder of Planet Paws, published a video mentioning the 5 most dangerous pet treats. And guess which one appears in the first place? Milkbones.

These seemingly harmless treats contain BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole). It is a toxic preservative that is responsible for causing tumors in laboratory animals. Yes, we’re talking cancer here.
But that’s not all. Milkbones also contain corn, wheat, soy, and lots of sugar. All of that might be ok for the treats humans eat, but it’s not easy for your dog digestive system to process these ingredients, which can lead to severe diarrhea and disease.

What About Real Bones As Treats For My Mastiff?

You pup’s mouth waters when you say the word “bone,” right? Well, try changing that behavior, because bones can cause serious damage to your dog’s digestive system.

Bones could be a source of minerals and other nutrients, and the chewing can help clean its teeth and even prevent gum diseases. But then there’s the risk of serious injuries caused by bone debris.

Still, there are some rules you can follow to satisfy your dog’s appetite for bones while not putting its health at risk:
  • Keep an eye on your dog while chewing a bone.
  • Give it only raw meat bones. Cooked bones can become fragile and prone to brittling.
  • Put the bone in the refrigerator after 15 minutes of chewing, and get rid of it after two or three days.
  • Don’t give small bones to large dogs, and avoid chicken bones in all cases. They’re fragile and reveal sharp edges when broken.
So now you know which treats you should avoid. Let’s go now for the other side of the coin

What Are The Most Healthy Organic Dog Treats?

You can find plenty of options when looking for certified organic treats. They contain no artificial preservatives or flavourings, no animal by-products, and no-GMOs.

There are some treats you can find on Amazon that don’t even have wheat, corn, soy, and dairy. Just do a search for any of these brands: Doggy Delirious, Trader Joe’s, Wet Noses, Full Moon, Castor & Pollux, 4Legz, Riley’s Organic. (But avoid the non-organic ones with peanut butter and sugar!) Others will pop up when you search organic dog treats on Amazon.

Dog Biscuits: Are They Dangerous Treats?

In small quantitie, dogs can eat biscuits, assuming they have a healthy degree of nutritional value and are certified organic. Under those circumstances, biscuits are unlikely to do any harm to your dog, unless your Mastiff has a wheat allergy or has a special sensitivity to grains. In that case, you could go for a grain-free dog biscuit.

You can find a lot of recipes for grain-free dog treats that your dog will love, such as pumpkin coconut biscuits.

Although biscuits are riskless in general, the ones you can get from a store shelf have minimal nutritional value. They can be used as occasional snacks, but there are better options.
Mastiff Organic Treats

How To Make Organic Dog Treats

Organic homemade dog treats are a way to reward your Tibetan dog or to give it affection with something that is also good for its health. You can find lots of recipes online for healthy organic dog treats that won’t even take you long to prepare or cost you loads of money.

You just need to be smart to buy organic ingredients without spending much and use your imagination to combine diverse fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meats to make something your pooch will love and will help to keep it healthy. With the best organic dog treats, you don’t have to worry.

Beef and vegetable balls, fruit and vegetable strips, peanut butter cookies, and chicken jerky are just a few ideas to make your dog happy and keep it busy chewing something really good for it.
Healthy Dog Training Treats For Every Owner

On a mission to give your dog a healthier life.