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Best Dog Training Treats? Healthy Treats For Mastiff Training

Food For Drool Control

What Are The Best Treats For Training A TM Dog?

• Choose healthy treats that can be consumed fast by your  Mastiff dog. Sounds ridiculous? The reason is that positive reinforcement works, and your dog remains motivated.


 • Choose healthy dog training treats that are small in size. This way, you can worry less about feeding your TM dog too much, and the training goes on. 

• Soft and stinky treats like organic tiny chicken bites that have an aroma to it will light up your dog’s training session. Don’t believe it? Try it once. 

• Use appropriate treats in the proper time. For example, when you are crate training your dog, you want it to have more time with its treats and in the crate. 

• Assign a value to the treats you choose, e.g.; chicken can be assigned a high value, biscuits can be medium value, and crumbs can be low value

Fish For Mastiffs

The Best Treat For Dog Training

As always, try to choose certified organic treats. They can be homecooked and split into smaller slices, or buy them from a very trusted manufacturer. (A large manufacturer can rarely be trusted on the US market.)

  • A homemade treat made of chickpea and potato 
  • Organic chicken mini treats 
  • Dog food rolls 
  • Cheese
  • Bite-sized meat 
  • Fruit bites
  • Certified Organic Kibble

For all alternatives above, you can make excellent as well as disastrous choices for your Mastiff dog. Make sure to choose or make treats that are as healthy as they may seem. If making homecooked treats, double-check that the ingredients are good for carnivores. 

Best Mastiff Dog Training Treats

The 5 Golden Rules Of Tibetan Mastiff Dog Training

1. Set up your TM dog for success: 

What do we mean by that? It means you have to decide on what basis you are going to train your dog today. Will it be commandments training or crate training? Potty training or obedience training? By setting up the guidelines, you are setting your dog for success. The outcome depends on both of you.

2. Reward appropriately: 

Is your dog misbehaving? Is it not listening to your instructions and disrespecting you from growling, barking, or even lunging at you? This is serious; do not let it pass. Deal with it appropriately by negative reinforcement. The opposite should also be held responsibly; if your dog is obeying your commands, reward it positively with treats and praise.

3. Do not punish: 

Your dog doesn’t know what it is doing wrong, you know that, right? Your dog will be confused and sad if you punish your dog. Punishment should never be an occurrence in dog training. Even the best dog training books say that correcting and reinforcement should be in place during training. 

4. Act like a leader: 

Your dog looks up to you as its parents, its guardian, and a pal, do not disappoint it by giving away the pack leader‘s seat up for grabs. You don’t like to be a pack leader to your dog? Your dog will assume that position for you; what happens then? Your dog doesn’t listen to anyone. However, remember the crucial difference between being dominate versus domineer. The more you dominate, the less you need to domineer. Dominate is about being in control. 

5. Be in control: 

Synonymous to the previous point, be the one in control of your dog. Control the food your dog eats, know what, and when it is healthy for your dog, and be there to protect it. No, we are not telling you to be a dictator, be a friend to your dog. 

Favorite Suggestion: Organic Meat Slices As Dog Training Treats

One of the simplest ways to make truly healthy training treats for your Tibetan Mastiff is to buy certified organic meats. Steak it. Slice it in smaller treat-friendly pieces. Serve your dog. 

Bon apetit!