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Best Dog Training Books 2022 | Tibetan Mastiff Training Advice

Dog Training Books for Tibetan Mastiffs

Are you planning to get yourself a Tibetan Mastiff puppy or a dog at home?  As you know, they can require solid training and socialization to become great family protectors. Because of that, you might want to read some of the books mentioned below. 

Advantages Of Reading Dog Training Books

• Reputed books present claims that are backed by scientific proofs.  

• Tired of the same old boring training tips you come across blogs? Well then, reading dog training books may help. You may even fall upon new training techniques that can help you massively. 

• Are you having trouble in crate training or potty training your T Mastiff dog? Browse through the best dog training books and get the stinky issue solved. 

• Getting a better insight into how positive reinforcement or reward-motivated behavior in dogs works. And shows how you can capitalize on it to better train your dog

Confused about what type or breed of dog you want to get? The following books might be for you:

Rating on GoodReads: 4.16/5 

Details: This book is a fun way of browsing information through more than 110 breeds of dogs. Depending on your desired choice of physical characteristics, temperament, and popularity, the book is designed to help you select a breed compatible with your family and lifestyle. 

Tibetan Mastiff Training Advice

Rating on GoodReads: 4.2/5 

Details: With more than 150 breeds officially registered and recognized by the AKC, the book will give you a perception of dog breeds’ historical and standard background. According to their historical breed roles like Sporting, Working, Terrier, Toy, and others, the breeds are neatly classified. Will your breed choosing task be simplified? Oh, yes, you bet. 

Rating on GoodReads: 4.1/5 

Details: The author has poured in all his knowledge that he has acquired in his long and experienced dog breeding career. He sets a convenient platform for you to choose your ideal dog breed. Amassing more than 150 breeds, he gives a sincere and straightforward understanding of each dog breed. 

Are you wondering about when you start training your dog? Well then, an answer for you, it should be as soon as your dog enters your house from its breeder. 

Why so soon? Well, because a delay in training can make it harder for you to train your dog. Which means that you have to start looking for a good training program or training book, right? 

Best Dog Training Books Available 2022?

Among the “best” dog training books we did find:

Rating on GoodReads: 4.3/5 

Details: The book focuses on positive training and reinforcement. It shows how you can get the most out of your dog using this principle. In the author’s words, “Affection Training” is the best way to approach motivating your dog and change in behavior. Pryor is a behavioral psychologist, and her theories are backed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Do we recommend this book? Yes. Will it work for you and your dog? Heck yes! 

Rating on GoodReads: 3.7/5 

Details: Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer? Why an average rating for his book on GoodReads? How did that happen? This book is probably a controversial issue because many dog owners and psychologists disagree with the ways of Cesar or Cesar’s Way; Pun intended. Why though? Because Cesar emphasizes natural dog psychology, dominance and pack behavior, and the importance of a guardian to be the pack leader. Will you like this book? We do not know. Will this book be helpful to train your dog? Absolutely. 

Rating on GoodReads: 4/5 

Details: Okay, looking to have some fun with your dog? Or just looking to teach it new tricks that will keep your dog from boredom and you entertained? Then this book is your treasure chest. The brilliant thing about this book is it is easy to follow for you and contains many tricks ranging from the simple essential ones like ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’ to tricky and fun games like ‘get the newspaper’, ‘tidy up your crate‘.