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5 Best Dog Foods For Tibetan Mastiffs | Ollie Vs. The Farmer’s Dog (50% Off)

We understand how difficult it is to choose the right dog food for your Mastiff. Especially if you want nothing but the best for them. If you’re thinking about buying Ollie or The Farmer’s Dog, you’re undoubtedly already aware of some of the advantages of feeding your dog healthy ingredients, and we couldn’t agree more! Your dog deserves real, pure nourishment, not the poisons and unregulated additives found in conventional dry dog food.

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The pet industry is gradually beginning to realize that dogs need real, nutrient-dense food to live healthy lifestyles, after years of giving them highly processed, dehydrated pellets with the nutritional worth of a fast-food hamburger. A number of businesses have recently developed healthy dog food, allowing your T Mastiff to eat human-grade pet food. 

Feeding human-grade dog food can improve your T Mastiff’s health and minimize the vet bills, but with all these alternatives, deciding which brand is appropriate for your dog can be difficult. We’ve looked at five of the best personalized dog food delivery providers to help you make the best choice for your Tibetan Mastiff.

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Ollie Dog Food is a delivery service for fresh dog food. It sells human-grade fresh food prepared from natural ingredients in subscriptions for healthier dogs. Ollie caters to pets and their owners that want meals to be quick, tasty, and nutritional. 

It removes the stress out of dinner preparation and allows owners to relax knowing that their pets’ bowls are filled with high-quality food portioned specifically for them.

Ollie Pet Foods Review Facts

Ollie’s fresh food is prepared and packaged in the United States, and it only contains real food without any kind of fillers, artificial flavorings, or by-products. The company guarantees that nothing will be put in your pet’s bowl that they’d never eat themselves.

Ollie is committed to charitable causes, and you may find them supporting and donating to no-kill shelters and canine rescue organizations. The founders are passionate about these concerns because they have all rescued animals. 

The company has pledged to donate 1% of its earnings to help rescue dogs in need around the country. They also collaborate with amazing groups that move and rehab dogs, assisting them in finding permanent homes.

The Farmer's Dog - Human Grade, USDA, And AAFCO Approved

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The Farmer’s Dog is a delivery service for fresh dog food that thinks dogs, like humans, deserve a nutritious diet. They provide nutrient-dense, freshly prepared dog food to your door. The Farmer’s Dog not only takes the bother out of feeding your dog healthily, but they also offer a personalized nutrition plan to make sure your Tibetan Mastiff is getting the exact amount of calories each day.

The Farmer’s Dog consults with veterinarians and follows AAFCO guidelines for dog nutrition to guarantee that their recipes meet your dog’s individual nutritional needs. Their customized nutrition programs include meals that are pre-made & pre-portioned for your dog’s calorie requirements, ensuring that he receives the high-quality and human-grade nutrients and calories he needs.

JustFoodForDogs - Fresh Whole-Food

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JustFoodForDogs provides daily meals, vet support diets, and personalized diets for your dog, regardless of whether he or she is a senior dog, has allergies/intolerances or has a health problem. According to their website, with their balanced and healthy meals, they hope to increase the health and quality of life for as many pets as possible.
Although the JustFoodForDogs website is not as attractive as some of its competitors, it does provide more recipe alternatives than most others. They can choose from 15 unique recipes. You can engage with their vet-trained advisors for advice and help if your dog has unique dietary needs.
JustFoodForDogs charges each packet of food, which is divided into meal pouches. They charge per pack of food, unlike some other dog food delivery services that charge a set price for each dog. As a result, they’re open about the cost of all of their recipes.
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You can select your dog’s recipes including chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb, in line with your Tibetan Mastiff’s individual needs and preferences. If you want to let your dog choose, you can choose all 4! After that, simply input your email address, and Pet Plate will adapt their plans to your dog’s weight, breed, and amount of activity. Finally, you must choose between the Full Plan and the Topper Plan.

The Full Plan meets all of your dog’s dietary requirements, since each food serving is customized in line with your specifications. Additionally,, Pet Plate will suggest varying amounts of food based on your dog’s individual needs.  For an 80-pound dog, this Pet Plate comprehensive feeding system will provide 28 (16 ounces) meals every 2 weeks.

The Topper Plan sends you food to supplement your dog’s current diet. For instance, if you usually mix wet and dry foods together, the idea is the same. This plan covers 25% of your dog’s dietary requirements.

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spot and tango dog food

Spot and Tango take a novel and engaging way to feed your furry friend that few other companies provide. While some brands claim to provide a personalized approach, they pale in comparison to this solution. Using Spot and Tango, you can create a customized feeding plan for your TM dog

They provide a variety of programs and price options, but the most important thing is that they use natural ingredients only and walk you through the process with your dog’s requirements in mind.

According to their website, their food is human-grade and offers balanced nutrition, including a broad array of minerals and vitamins that are vital to your dog’s health, sourced from local farms as well as human food suppliers. However, we do not find consistent documentation that all foods are 100% human-grade. 

By using an FDA or USDA inspected kitchen in NYC, the brand makes an effort to never employ feed-grade products, or any questionable substances. 

Meals are prepared at a low temperature to preserve the nutrients.

Dietary Requirements for Tibetan Dogs

Your T Mastiff requires a high-protein, a low-fat diet made entirely of actual meat (without any by-products), which really should be stated on the product label. There should also be enough whole vegetables and fruits on hand to help him absorb the minerals and vitamins he needs from his food. 

Your TM’s joint and bone growth will benefit from a strong source of Glucosamine, especially because he is vulnerable to canine hip and elbow dysplasia.

Tibetan Mastiff Food Costs

The nutritional requirements of a T Mastiff varies with age. Therefore, you should budget between $1,500 and $2,000 a year. This estimate is subject to change depending on the quality of dog food purchased. Additionally, if your dog has special nutritional needs or allergies, the expense of feeding him might be significantly greater.

When faced with such a cost, it’s all too tempting to make the mistake of buying less expensive dog food. Without a question, this can enable you to save a little money right now, but it could be harmful to your puppy’s health in the long run.
If your dog develops bone disorders like hip dysplasia or becomes resistant to a specific ingredient as a result of a poor diet, the expense of providing for him or her will increase. Veterinarian bills are now expected to be the 2nd-largest expense for any dog owner, costing up to $3000 over the course of the dog’s life.

Food Requirements Per Day

All Tibetan dogs require high-quality, well-balanced food to suit their nutritional requirements. As a general rule, foods with at least 18% protein and 5% fat are recommended. An adult TM will consume between 4 and 6 cups of high-quality food per day or 1,700-2,300 cal. Particular circumstances, like whether the dog is neutered or spayed, will also affect the calorie amount.

The amount of food to feed a Mastiff is mostly determined by the dog’s age and level of activity. Less active canines consume less energy than dogs who participate in daily strenuous activity. 

The best way to figure out how much to feed them is to look at the recommended serving sizes on the food’s packaging. The activity level, weight, and appetite of the dog can all be taken into account when making this advice.

How To Feed T Mastiff Puppies

Puppies need at least 22.5 percent protein and 8.5 percent fat in their diets, preferably from high-quality animal sources. Early on, you should be aware that your pup may have or acquire grain allergies, necessitating the use of a grain-free diet.
During this time, the pups need to eat well-balanced and healthy food. To help your pup become extra energetic, a balance of protein, carbohydrates, energy, and other nutrients must be used to build both bones and muscles at the same time. It’s critical to be able to adapt it to your dog’s changing physiological requirements as he matures.

For your pup, dog food that has organically grown ingredients is safer and more nutritionally filled. As your dog’s needs change, you’ll have to adjust the quantity of food you feed them per month. You should discontinue providing your Mastiff puppy food combinations once he reaches adulthood.

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