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TM Pups

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TM Breed Info

Tibetan Mastiffs are a breed of dog that evolved in the Himalayan mountains. They’ve been referred to as mountain dogs and monastery dogs, among other names. Europeans who visited Tibet gave the Tibetan Mastiff its name.

These Mastiffs have been around for 5,000 years, according to DNA data. It’s safe to conclude they’re from a pure breed because their primordial qualities are still there. This breed has grown in popularity in the West thanks to crossbreeding.

They were not adopted solely for the purpose of having pets by the locals. They’ve been bred to protect flocks. Their territorial, protective attitude makes them ideal for keeping an eye on large areas of land.

Their number grew to the point where it began to cause issues. Some of them had not been domesticated and began attacking strangers. When TMs lack training and human engagement, they become more dangerous.

If you want a purebred, you should contact a breeder. If you’re looking for adventure, you can also travel to their homeland’s high elevations.

T Mastiffs In The Present Years

In the present world, these dogs are still bred for the same reason. As guard dogs, they’re still effective. They’re still very much in touch with their primal side while being more domesticated.

Tibetan dogs are pricey since they are a rare breed. The TM is the most expensive dog ever sold. Some people keep them as pets or buddies.

Raising a Tibetan Mastiff is no longer solely for protection. Its presence is a way for its owner to make a statement. They have become status symbols for China’s wealthiest households.

Mika's Dream Kennel

Three puppies are available from Mika’s Dream Kennel in Canway, South Carolina. All of them are tan and black. What about the parents? They have health clearances and consider to also have excellent temperaments.

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